Live search asking stupid questions

January 26th, 2007 – 1 Comment

Ok, bashing on Live is easy perhaps, but this example is so typical of why I hate the engine… If you’ve been reading my blog somewhat longer you know that one of my domains which I use a lot in examples is Just a decent domain, with a pretty good amount of backlinks considering it’s only 8 months old. So I quite regulary run some queries on it, and I did so on Live search just now, and what I got was just plain stupid.


So it says it has like 7,015 backlinks, and asks me if I didn’t mean This makes me wonder, “hmm, what site would that be”, so I checked it out, and guess what: this was the result:
linkdomain cssr
See that? 13 backlinks… Why is Live search suggesting me that I might be looking for
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1 Response to Live search asking stupid questions

  1. lois
    By lois on 29 September, 2007

    On Live Search how can one delete previous searches. I notice you can’t clear the live search area. Why????

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