Link Value Factors

Wiep has done some great SEOmoz style link value survey: Link Value Factors. Among those surveyed: Aaron Wall, Eric Ward, Debra Mastaler, Jim Boykin and my Dutch friends Peter van der Graaf, Martijn Anschutz, Andre Scholten, and ow yeah, me, of course ;)

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7 Responses

  1. Web Design GlasgowBy Web Design Glasgow on 10 December, 2007

    Joost, to what extent do you imagine the chosen figures are based on testing vs. intuition from experience over time?

    Which is not to suggest that the average of a group’s experience is not valuable – but I’m curious as to the extent to which you and others formally test such hypotheses (given that any results are potentially immediately out of date), and the extent to which you value such reports.

    That’s enough ‘extents’ for one comment! Cheers.

  2. daveBy dave on 10 December, 2007

    Hey Joost,

    What’s your opinion on Image versus text links ? I just can’t agree with comments like this :

    Hamlet Batista: “The alt text of an image when placed inside a link carries the same or similar weight to the link text alone�

    Maurizio Petrone: “If the link is an image, the value of ALT attribute counts as an anchor text.


  3. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 10 December, 2007

    @Web design Glasgow: a little bit of both, I assume

    @dave: neither can I :) It’s obviously less…

  4. daveBy dave on 10 December, 2007

    Ok good I’m not the only one thinking this :) Aren’t these tags just important for onpage factors and less or none for external stuff..

    Nice to see so many ducth people on places like that ..were the hell is Belgium :D


  5. André ScholtenBy André Scholten on 10 December, 2007

    @dave: I’m with Joost, I’ve seen clear evidence an image link is worth less.

  6. Ash`By Ash` on 14 December, 2007

    Many thanks, very interesting

  7. ChrisBy Chris on 17 December, 2007

    Thanks Joost!
    It’s very interesting to read.