Yoast looking for a new developer

We’re expanding again. We’re looking for a junior / medior developer to help grow our rapidly expanding WordPress plugin & theme business, as well as support our consultancy & site review team with tools to automate frequent tasks.

What we’re looking for

If you’re a developer with a junior to medior level knowledge of:

  • HTML
  • CSS (including responsive design)
  • JavaScript (not just jQuery)
  • PHP

We’d love to talk to you. Of course we have some other things that’d be very cool if you knew about them, you could think about things like:

  • Version control (SVN/GIT)
  • Unit Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • UML
  • Design Patterns

We’d prefer you speak Dutch, but the only real requirement is English. We would expect you to work out of our office in Wijchen, NL though, even though working from home 1 or 2 days a week is definitely an option. We will not consider remote workers for this job.

What we offer

You’d be working in a rapidly growing team of internet enthusiasts. We’re not just developers, we’ve also got a designer, an illustrator, several review consultants and let’s not forget our office fairy:

Team Yoast

And yes, next to your salary you’d get an avatar like that too, and you’d join in on our other benefits, a good pension plan, great lunches, lots of LEGO to play with, an annual LEGO build days and most important of all: a great learning environment.

If you’re interested, email jobs [at] yoast.com and we’ll be in touch.

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4 Responses

  1. PIA VPNBy PIA VPN on 10 February, 2014

    Wow more people? Thought you just hired. But good luck, looking forward to seeing new devs!

  2. ArianBy Arian on 10 February, 2014

    Will you start selling themes?

  3. BABy BA on 10 February, 2014

    Would be cool to do something completely else than I’m doing now for work. I’m already utilizing wordpress now and then to build small websites for friends and family. My knowledge level is junior, but I’m eager to learn. I’m an Excel nerd, as I’m always looking to automate returning tasks and love to make difficult things easy. I live in Nijmegen and speaking dutch shouldn’t be an issue. And ofcourse, what triggered me to post here is the fact you get such a fantastic avatar. Great artwork, well done.

  4. Brian SofaBy Brian Sofa on 12 February, 2014

    Wishing I lived in Netherland :(