24-40 hours a week Wijchen, NL or hybrid

At Yoast, we are passionate about readability. We help our users to write texts on the web that are accessible to as many people as possible. For this, we want to give writers tools that can help them to make texts easy and clear to read.

We invite you to work on an exciting project that bridges the gap between academic research and software development. The goal of this project is to give writers insights into the reading level of their texts according to CEFR levels. Additionally, we want to give writers feedback on how they can edit a complex text to make it more readable.

For this, we’re looking for an expert in the field of readability. We want our readability suggestions to be based on a strong scientific foundation. So we’d love to get your expertise for this. Of course, our team of in-house linguists and developers will be happy to brainstorm about ideas. But mostly, this project-based position will consist of independent work. The challenge you’ll be responding to is this: how can we implement readability levels in our text analysis? You’ll have the freedom to work out ideas and prototypes to answer this question.

In working on this project, you will not only benefit Yoast and our customers. You’ll be collaborating on an open-source software project. Our code is available to anyone. This is an opportunity to valorize your research and make it accessible to the wider world!

Additionally, we’d be happy to set up an academic collaboration on this topic. So if you’re affiliated to an institution that’s interested in such a collaboration, or if you can set up such a collaboration with scholars or institutions in your network, that would be a plus.

This is a project-based position with a duration of 3-6 months. This duration is flexible and may be extended.

What are you going to do

  • Compile an overview of the state of the art of language level classification.
  • Find metrics that can be used to classify texts according to their reading level.
  • Ideally, work out prototype algorithms for classifying texts according to language level.
  • Work out ideas on how to give feedback to users about how to make their texts more readable.
  • Document your results and present them at Yoast.
  • Assist with your expertise during the implementation phase of the final product and get involved with testing the product.

What does your team look like

You’ll be mostly working independently on your project. However, you can always brainstorm ideas with Yoast’s team of linguist-developers. At Yoast, we love sharing knowledge. This is part of the open-source ethos that drives our organization. We not only love to share our knowledge with the outside world, but also within the company. You can draw on specialist knowledge from developers, software engineers, product owners, and linguists. As a scale-up we have a lot of professional knowledge available in-house, but at the same time we still operate on the basis of close cooperation that stems from our start-up roots.

At the moment, we are all working remotely and we communicate via Slack and Zoom. For this position, you can work fully remotely. If in-person meetings are possible again by the time you’re starting this position, you’re also welcome to work at our office in Wijchen (near Nijmegen, Netherlands) or part remotely and part at the office.

Who are you

  • You have an academic degree in linguistics, artificial intelligence (with a focus on natural language processing) or a related discipline.
  • You’re an expert when it comes to readability. You have a strong track record in research on readability metrics.
  • You have a strong background in the field of natural language processing. Experience with the computational implementation of readability levels is a plus.
  • Experience with assessing texts based on CEFR levels is a plus.
  • You have a strong interest and ideally prior experience in applying research insights to innovative solutions.
  • You can come up with ideas and work out solutions independently.
  • You can set and monitor your own work schedule independently.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English to share your ideas and visions.
  • Prior experience in software development is a plus. Our software is written in Javascript, but if you’re proficient in another language that’s absolutely fine.
  • Proficiency with git version control is a plus.
  • You can be based anywhere in the world and communicate with us via Slack or email. For occasional brainstorming or presentation sessions, you should be available during our office hours. These are Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm (CET/Amsterdam time).

What we're offering

  • A chance to work on some of the most-used web software in the world, currently used by more than 12 million websites!
  • A salary of € 3.300-4.200,- (on the base of 40 hours a week) depending on experience.
  • A young, fast-growing company that wants to seize opportunities with you.
  • A pleasant, challenging, and innovative work atmosphere.
  • An opportunity to learn a lot and learn it fast in one of the leading SEO companies.
  • You’ll join a team of skilled, experienced, and most importantly, passionate colleagues.
  • A project-based position with a duration of 3-6 months. This duration is flexible and may be extended.

Are you interested? Then respond before June 27, 2021. Note: only applications with a motivation letter will be considered. The application procedure consists of three interviews. Do you have questions? We'll be happy to answer them. Please send an email to jobs@yoast.com.

Apply before 27th of June 2021
(Our recruitment code applies to all applications)

Apply before: 27th of June 2021

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