DevOps engineer

Development 32-40 hours a week Wijchen, the Netherlands

We are looking for a DevOps engineer to help us manage our growing and increasingly complex technology stack.

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We’re in need of someone who can act as a bridge between our development team and our operations partner Siteground as well as managing our CI pipeline and Elastic stack. The job includes a variety of responsibilities and tasks among which:

  • Being the go-to contact for our operations partner Siteground and escalating operations-related issues their way.
  • Managing our Elastic stack and facilitating the research team to perform log analysis and other types of data analytics activities.
  • Managing our CI and dev environments and facilitating our development teams.
  • Setting up monitoring and diagnostics on system performance, overall stability and errors. Signaling and escalating common issues to the development team.

We’re looking for a DevOps engineer with:

  • At least 2 years of experience with IT operations.
  • Basic familiarity with Linux and Bash.
  • Proven experience managing database servers of some kind.
  • Good communications skills, you’re not afraid to go out and consult the relevant stakeholders.
  • You know how to Google.
  •  You are always looking to get an overview of the entire domain and come up with generic solutions.
  • Some knowledge of web programming languages and a willingness to get familiar with PHP and Node.js.
  • When asked, you will be able to explain what DevOps means to you.

We’d prefer you speak Dutch and English. We would expect you to work out of our office in Wijchen, NL (near Nijmegen). Submitting a motivation letter is a required part of the procedure.

What we're offering

  • A chance to work on some of the most used web software in the world, currently used by more than 10 million websites!
  • A young, fast-growing company that wants to seize opportunities with you.
  • A pleasant, challenging and innovative work atmosphere in Wijchen.
  • You’ll join a team of skilled, experienced and most importantly, passionate engineers.
  • A mix of Agile, Scrum and Kanban development practices.
  • Of course: a competitive salary.
  • Plus many other benefits like a great pension plan fully paid by Yoast; profit sharing and a fully paid lunch break.

Besides that, we do a lot of cool stuff together, like our annual LEGO build days!

The application process consists of three parts: an introductory job interview, a practical interview, and a final meeting. These steps might take place on multiple days. A social media screening might be part of the procedure.

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