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Yoast is doing well, and as we always want to give back when we’re doing well, Yoast is hiring two WordPress core developers. Do you want to work on WordPress core and get paid to do so? This is your chance!

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Goal of your role

The goal of this role is twofold: for the most part, we want to give back. Yoast is doing well, because WordPress does well. In return we help make WordPress better. There is an aspect to this role that we think benefits both Yoast and the wider WordPress community. 

It’s important to us that as WordPress develops, all the different sides of the WordPress community have a “say” in what’s happening. More viewpoints looking at the same problem space simply leads to better software. That’s why we’re asking for someone to work on WordPress core 80% of their time. You will spend the remaining 20% of your time on helping us improve our plugins to work with WordPress core. This means talking to our product team, and doing patches on our products.

Your focus: Gutenberg

The best fit for this role would be someone who is working on, or wants to work on, the Gutenberg project. We were deeply involved in the early stages of Gutenberg. Currently don’t have any developers assigned to it full time and we would like to change that. Hence these two job openings.

Gutenberg is not an endless project, of course. We would not hire you just for a year or two, or at least that would never be our goal. We can always discuss between you and us on which other parts of the project need your focus.

Who are you working with?

You’d be working with the development and product teams at Yoast. They're led by our CTO Omar Reiss and our CPO Joost de Valk. Of course you’d also be working with our WordPress core team. This team includes Sergey Biryukov, currently our only full time WordPress core developer and Andrea Fercia. Andrea works both on Yoast products and on the accessibility of all of WordPress core. As we’re hiring two people for this role, you’d be working together as well, of course.

Where are you working?

That’s up to you! You can work from anywhere you want as long as we can keep in regular contact (mostly through Zoom & Slack). You’re certainly welcome to work from our Yoast offices in Wijchen, the Netherlands. You can chose to do that either full time or a few days or weeks a year. 

What about compensation?

That’s a good question! A “good monthly salary” is our base premise. We have some idea about what this is of course, but we’ll happily discuss this with you.

Ready to apply?

We are looking forward to your application letter! Please, take the following in mind: submitting a motivation letter is a required part of the procedure.
The application process consists of three parts: an introductory job interview, a practical interview, and a final meeting. These steps might be divided over multiple days. A social media screening might be part of the procedure.
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