In the spotlight: How Yoast’s word forms give you the edge

Search engines are smarter than ever these days, so, to optimize your content to its full potential, you need an SEO plugin that is just as clever. Many people don’t realize just how good Yoast SEO Premium is at analyzing text… So, let’s have a look at the plugin’s ‘word forms’ functionality and how it approximates the way Google looks at your text! 

Word forms?

But first, of course, we need to know what word forms are. They’re the different ways a word can exist in a specific language. For example, nouns exist as plural and singular words, and verbs can exist as an infinitive, participle, past or present tense. That still sounds a bit abstract, right? Here are a few examples. 

  • ‘Call’, ‘calling’, ‘calls’ and ‘called’ are word forms of the verb ‘to call’.
  •  ‘History’ and ‘histories’ and singular and plural forms of the noun ‘history’.

Nowadays, search engines know that, although these words aren’t identical, they are similar in meaning. It only takes one look at the search results to see that. Notice that different verb forms of your search term or singular and plural forms of your query will be bold, to show that they’re recognized as instances of that keyword.

Optimize your content, the natural way 

So, what does that mean for your keyword optimization? How do you take these different instances of your keyphrase into account?

Cue, Yoast SEO Premium. If you optimize your post in the Premium SEO analysis – and you’re writing in English or German – the plugin will automatically detect whether or not you use different word forms of your focus keyphrase. It’ll recognize singular and plurals, but also different tenses of verbs, and adjusts your keyword optimization scores accordingly. What’s more, it’ll find your keywords, even if a few function words separate them.

Here’s an example. If your focus keyphrase is [playing with your cats], it will recognize that keyphrase in the sentence ‘You can use toy mice to play with your cat‘. Or, if you want to optimize for [games for cats] it will recognize it the sentence, ‘Another game your cat will love …’ as well.

Let the full extent of this sink in: no more awkwardly rewriting your sentences, so the SEO analysis picks up on your keyword. No more wondering if you really didn’t use your keyword often enough, or if the plugin simply doesn’t recognize every instance. 

So, if you want to:
✓ Be able to see various instances of your keyphrase in your copy
✓ Optimize your content in the most natural way possible
✓ Use a tool that comes closer to how Google sees your text than any other

Then now’s the time to get Yoast SEO Premium!