The Diamond Review is the Ultimate Yoast Package

For the eager ones, the website owners that want to go beyond what we offer in our other reviews, we also offer the Diamond Review. Not only does this website review include all the goodies of the Platinum SEO Review, but it also comes in a package deal with some great other products we offer.

The Ultimate Yoast Package

Yes, we will review your website as we do in all other reviews. If you have a WordPress website, you’ll get a 1-year single site WordPress SEO Premium license. And we’ll optimize your WordPress SEO settings. But of course there’s more!

Two extra products for you

We’ll also include two extra products:

  • A Conversion Review and a
  • Google Analytics Goals setup

Conversion is a (smaller) part of the other reviews, although all recommendations in the reviews do help your conversion as well. It’s just that there are a lot of specific recommendations we can give you to increase your conversion rate even more.

To track the conversion rate on your website, it would be helpful to set up specific goals is Google Analytics. If you already have goals set up, we’ll go over these and see if any improvements can be made.

So, let’s sum things up.

You’ll get an SEO analysis of your website

Our site reviews provides you with a large list of recommendations related to:

  • User experience optimization
  • Best content practices
  • Social media use
  • Template code improvements
  • General SEO issues
  • Site speed enhancements
  • Some conversion rate optimization

All with clear screenshots where possible and detailed insights from our experts.

You’ll get a Conversion Review

We’ll analyze your the current conversion tactics of your website (if any). Next to that, we’ll be looking into your visitors’ behaviour; how did they find your website and what pages did they visit. We’ll be looking at your:

  • Landing pages
  • Checkout process
  • Sales funnel
  • Call-to-actions
  • Any other element on your site
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media
  • Newsletters

The conversion review will outline the changes that will probably improve your conversion rate. Of course focused on your most important channels and/or pages. All our claims will be founded on (scientific) articles.

We’ll set up Google Analytics Goals for you

Doing this yourself can be quite a hassle. You’ll have to decide on what to track and hope you’re not missing something. It helps a lot to have someone either do this for you or advice on how to improve this.

Our Google Analytics experts, with a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, can set up your Google Analytics goals for you. Of course we’ll also go over the ones you’ve already set up yourself. We’ll look at your website, your business, and the things that are important for you to track. After that, we’ll set up the goals for you! Once we’ve set up your goals, we’ll tell you which goals we have set up and why.

Extras for WordPress websites!

After all these reviews, it becomes really easy for us to help you optimize your WordPress install a bit more:

  • We’ll optimize the general settings in your WordPress SEO plugin for you. We can also migrate settings from your current SEO plugin to WordPress SEO. That means your main focus can be on the on-page optimization using the snippet preview and the page analysis. We are only able to do this after a review, as we do need more insights on your website to configure that correctly.
  • You’ll get a single site, 1-year WordPress SEO Premium license. That premium plugin comes with premium email support. It can also collect all crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools, and fixes these immediately using the build-in redirect manager. Don’t worry if you are using for All-in-One SEO or any other SEO plugin; of course we’ll migrate your settings to WordPress SEO.

Some of the clients we’ve worked for:

Note that you can always purchase a Silver SEO Review or Gold SEO Review (WordPress only) and upgrade for just the price difference and no extra costs later! No need for the extra’s this review offers? Check our Platinum SEO Review!