Site Analysis Case: Ronen Bekerman

When Ronen Bekerman ordered a site review for his 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering blog, I was immediately excited when I opened the URL. Not often do I get to do a site analysis on a site looking this good, due in large part to the fact that few people have such a creative talent to create backgrounds and images as beautiful as his:

Ronen Bekerman's Happy Birthday post

The site not only looked great, it had some very enthusiastic followers too. But there was enough left for me to help improve, as Ronen quickly found out. Let me show you what he said after receiving the review:

“If you consider yourself serious at blogging with wordpress then you really should consider a review of your wordpress blog by

It is so easy and fun to build a blog using wordpress and the many plugins that are offered for it that you can just as easily get it seriously wrong and never know about. My blog is one year old now, and I’ve been following all this time implementing many of the recommendation posted on it… so I should have been running an optimized blog, but decided to get a review too.

It took a week to get the results back and after implementing just a few of them myself, the site performance was doubled!

If you are serious about blogging with wordpress, focus on great content and let the pros make sure your platform is setup just right to deliver it to your readers.”

Ronen kept track of his site’s performance using Pingdom, and was kind enough to share the performance graph, see how his performance improved after implementing my recommendations:

Ronen Bekerman - speed analysis

Ronen’s review covered more than performance, of course, even though the performance of his site did increase incredibly. Though I can’t share the entire report, for obvious reasons, the outline of it was as follows:

  • Design remarks
    • Subscribe buttons
    • Social buttons
  • Template code
    • CSS files
    • JavaScript
    • Heading Structure
  • Functionality and plugins used
    • Tracking plugins
    • AddThis
    • Smart Sharing
    • Some other plugins…
    • Recommended plugins
  • Server configuration & caching

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