This is what clients and industry luminaries had to say about working with Joost:

“Joost is an expert in the field of Internet Marketing, SEO & Webdev. His insight in person and on his blog, as well as the fantastic tools he develops, showcase a great deal of experience combined with the knowledge of how to leverage the web’s traffic-driving potential. If you get a chance to work with Joost, I’d certainly recommend you do!”

Rand Fishkin, CEO & Founder, SEOmoz

“Joost is the best SEO expert I’ve worked with. His enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity seem to have no limits. Down to earth and with a no-nonsense approach he’s able to please the CEOs and to challenge the software engineers.”

Jan Paul Dekker, Manager Productions Digital Media, RTL Nederland BV

“I run Search Marketing for the Classifieds division of eBay and in a giant company like our sometimes there are rocks in the path of improving SEO that require moving . If you consider developers and programmers as rocks, then you can consider Joost a jackhammer. With his strong technical background Joost easily breaks down the barriers between product development and search marketing – speaking at a level that excites and enthuses all involved in the project. Using his services you will have the tech guys working with you and for you in no time. Highly Recommended”

Luke Miller, Head Of Search – eBay Local Classifieds

“Joost is the go to guy when it comes to SEO. But I got to know him mostly for his help with the TwitterCounter API. Instead of helping me out with tips he volunteered to build the whole thing. he did and made it better smoother and less bug-infested than I could have ever done!”

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Initiator, The Next Web Conference

“Joost is one of the brightest and smartest developers I know. He has a well established, and deserved, reputation in SEO circles. But I have been most impressed with his desire to give back, weather it is through his numerous plugins for wordpress or just helping other bloggers (such as myself). He is definitely one of the good guys!”

Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, Google

“I had the pleasure of sitting on two site clinic panels with Joost: SES Amsterdam 2009 and SES Amsterdam 2010 (where he acted as the moderator). In addition, I found Joost to be extremely knowledgeable on the topic of search engine optimization and has been a great advocate for ‘making websites for your users’, while at the same time sharing many of his great WordPress inventions on (like his WordPress SEO plugin)! Last but not least, he is also a great guy to hang out with.”

Fili Wiese, Search Quality Analist, Google

“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of Joost’s qualities. What makes him stand out in all of this is his enthusiasm for the web and his abilty to transfer this enthusiasm to you. Combining in-depth knowledge with an open and communicative character, makes Joost very fun to work with and creates a terrific atmosphere to collaborately achieve results.”

Jorg Ruis, Manager Marketing & New Media, Bookit (

“Joost is a top SEO specialist. I love his enthusiasm and the way he shares his knowledge and his insights of SEM. I can highly recommend Joost!”

Yoon Sterkenburg, Productmanager Online Media, VNU Media

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