Usage Guide For Big Button Widget

You can make a big button (for instance a Call to Action Button) and choose whether or not you want to show text above it.

Field Descriptions

Title: This is the title that appears at the top the widget.

Text: Enter the text to appear on the button, like Buy Now or View Demo.

URL: Enter the external URL where the button should go when clicked. This only works if you also select ‘Use external URL’ below.

Internal URL: Select a page from inside your WordPress installation or selected ‘Use external URL’ and enter above.

Class selector: Choose the type of button you want to display or choose disable standard button class if you want to use your own custom class.

Extra CSS Class: Enter additional CSS classes to assign to the button. (Optional)

Target: This page keeps the user on the same page when clicking the button. New page opens a new page when clicking the button by adding target=”_blank”.

Nofollow this link: Checking this will add rel=”nofollow” to the banner link. This article by Google describes when you should and should not use the nofollow option.

Show button on target page: Check this if you want the button to show up on the internal WordPress page selected above for the internal URL. Otherwise the button will be hidden on the target page.

Big Button Widget Example

Here is a sample of what the widget will look like in your sidebar. This example is from the Strategy theme so your widget will match the color scheme of your theme.