Moving from HTTP to HTTPs when using Yoast SEO

When you move from HTTP to HTTPs there are several things within the Yoast SEO plugin you need to do along with several actions to take outside the Yoast plugin such as with the Search Engines, WordPress, and Social Media Accounts.

As a best practice we do recommend taking a backup of your site before making changes. If you are not sure how to take a backup, please contact your host provider.

A. Things to Change With Search Engines

  1. Claim and verify your HTTPs site with your search engines. You will need to add the site in the search engines and verify ownership. These guides explain how to do this with Bing, Google, and Yandex.
  2. Submit your Yoast sitemap: sitemap_index.xml under the new HTTPs site. This guide explains how to submit the Yoast sitemap to Bing, Google, and Yandex: Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines.
  3. Delete any and all sitemaps you have under your old HTTP site.
  4. NOTE: It is OK to keep your old HTTP site in your Search Console, just be sure to delete the sitemaps under it.

B. Things to Change in WordPress

  1. Go to Settings-General and confirm that both the WordPress Address and Site Address are showing the HTTPs as part of the name.

If you do not have these fields, or they are not editable, or if they are not showing the HTTPs, please contact your host provider for more information.

3. You also need to make sure that any old HTTP url redirects to its new HTTPs version. Yoast is not able to make this redirect as it requires a special server redirect. If the HTTP urls are not redirecting you will need to contact your host provider as rules need to be added into the server. This guide explains more: Moving Your Website to HTTPs / SSL Tips and Tricks.

C. Things to Change in Yoast

  1. Go to SEO-Search Console and connect to the new HTTPs site. This guide explains in detail how to do that: How to Connect and Retrieve Crawl Issues.

D. Things to Change with Social Media

  1. When you change to HTTPs any social media shares you have will be lost. This is a result of how sharing works rather than a flaw or bug with Yoast. You can restore the shares on a site by using a filter outlined in this guide: Changing the OpenGraph (og) URL

E. Other Things to Consider

  1. If you are going from the WWW to HTTPs this guide explains more about how to make the change: Redirecting Your Site to Non-WWW and HTTPs.