Language-specific boundaries for the readability analysis

What constitutes a good writing style is not the same in every language. That’s why we fine-tune our readability analyses for each language. For this, we use style guides written for that specific language, or formulas that were specifically developed for that language.

So the recommendations you see in your language might be a bit different from what you saw in a blog post or an academy course. This page provides an overview of language-specific values that we use for various readability assessments.

Sentence length

Recommended maximum length20 words25 words20 words15 words
Maximum percentage of sentences over limit (red bullet if over)30%30%20%30%
Slightly too many sentences over the limit (orange bullet)25-30%25-30%15-20%25-30%

Flesch Reading Ease

Very easy9080
Fairly easy7060
Fairly difficult5040
Very difficult00

If you want to know which readability checks are available in which languages, read this article on the features per language.