Help us by helping others!

While all of the below holds true, we now sell support for our WordPress SEO plugin, through our WordPress SEO Premium product. If you’re in need of support and don’t mind paying: buy that!

The forums for our WordPress SEO plugin are rather busy. Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to keep up with all the questions there as we have millions of users, which leads to a few hundred questions each month. So we need your help!

Loads of the questions there are rather simple, others are harder and require going back and forth a few times. Some are just plain bugs, but hard to reproduce. All of them together cost more time than we can spend on it and keep the plugin free at the same time. I’m saying officially now what’s been the case for quite a while already: we don’t do support on the forums. It’s easier to just state it like that than to hop in every once in a while and get people’s hopes up when we might not have much time for a while after.

Which is why I’m writing this: I’m asking all of you to be involved there, to help us help others. If you could answer just 1 question there each month, we’d already appreciate your help. If you can find bugs that people report, reproduce them and turn them into Github issues that are easy to reproduce for us, we’d be even more appreciative.

We’ll be looking at the forums regularly to see what’s happening, to check if no big issue is suddenly popping up. If we see you in there giving truly outstanding support to our users, we will reward that as much as we can.

Premium Support

For those of you who dislike forums and want to be supported by me and the rest of the Yoast team, don’t fret. Starting in August, we’ll start offering a premium version of the plugin, including support (as in, you’ll get a direct email address and we’ll reply to your questions as soon as we can), at a yearly fee, starting from $89 for a single site to $349 for unlimited sites. That’s $29 a month for support on unlimited sites and just $7.50 for a single site. And of course we won’t remove the download from and we won’t disable the free forums, so you don’t have to pay us anything if you don’t want to.

The plugin will have some other functionality that’s not included in the SEO plugin (what? that’s still a secret ;) ) and we’ll use those users as a “testbed”, if they want to, for new features.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Exciting work is happening around our Google Analytics plugin too, it’ll soon move to Github properly as well so that people will be able to contribute more easily. It too has forums that we can’t spend time on, so if you want to dive in there, please, please do!

In all, I hope this change in our support policy for our free plugins makes it a bit more clear where we’re headed and what we’re doing and not doing. I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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74 Responses

  1. Glen AllsoppBy Glen Allsopp on 2 July, 2013

    Hope this works out for you and you get some more people on the inside.

    Almost tempted to move back to Google Analytics now ;)

  2. Nicolai LoenneBy Nicolai Loenne on 2 July, 2013

    Nice move.
    I like the approach with keeping the plugins free but charging for extras such as time consuming support :-)

  3. Michael BrennerBy Michael Brenner on 2 July, 2013

    This strategy completely understandable yoast and does make sense in my eyes. People can’t expect to get the free plugin AND free support from your small team..

    Have been using your plugin on a lot of sites for quite a long time, heading over to the wordpress support forum now to see if I can help out.

  4. Ivica DelicBy Ivica Delic on 2 July, 2013

    I understand your point and you have to do what you have to do. Your WordPress SEO plugin is so good with so many users (with increasing trend) that you obviously don’t have any other choice left but to “push” it also to Premium side.
    I only hope that free version will stay enough powerful for majority of (current) SEO functionalities :-)

    It would be the best if you could have more then one premium extensions so that users can choose which one to buy to extend WordPress SEO functionalities rather then just one Premium package with all the functionalities in one place – that means you have to buy the whole package even if you need only one extra SEO function.

    Thank you again for giving us pleasure to enjoy this magnificent piece of software, in free or premium version…

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 2 July, 2013

      What’s in there now will remain free. In fact, we’re going to be adding more to the free plugin as well.

      • Ivica DelicBy Ivica Delic on 2 July, 2013

        Thank you for your inputs, I’m eager to see those new functionalities as I don’t see how it is possible to further improve this free plugin but “Premium quality” product :-)

        Thanks also for finding the time for answering on my comment, despite so communication channels open and (probably) many messages “hitting” Yoast target after this announcement :-)

        Good luck to U and all of us!

      • Deborah L MelianBy Deborah L Melian on 6 July, 2013

        I thank you for giving users an option and that it isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. This is especially true for those of us whose sites are on the lower end of site traffic. The price point for the premium plugin may be a bit steep for my pocketbook (for now) even so, your free version is still the best and I’m so very thankful that you keep this one updated and top-notched!

  5. Ines van DijkBy Ines van Dijk on 2 July, 2013

    I’ll keep an eye out!

  6. Dan ThorntonBy Dan Thornton on 2 July, 2013

    As a fan of WordPress SEO (and the Analytics plugin), I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to improve and what new features may be available.

    As someone who has worked with WordPress developers, including Jigoshop, which also follows a ‘premium’ + ‘paid support’ model, it’ll be interesting to see how you implement it and what success you have.

    Looks like you’re off to a good start, and it’s great to get early notification of the prices so I can have the company credit card ready for August

  7. Daniel LawBy Daniel Law on 2 July, 2013

    Great move Yoast. Can’t wait to see what you guys have installed!

  8. Barbara SaulBy Barbara Saul on 2 July, 2013

    Will do, and gladly. Good business plan and model.

  9. HassanBy Hassan on 2 July, 2013

    Yeah, it was obvious that there was no official support on forums for a while now. I don’t blame you Joost; whenever I visit these forums, the first page always has questions for the past 2 days at least. Other plugins’ first forum page has questions from months back!

    I already do some answering every now and then. In fact, sometimes I learn new stuff by solving other people’s questions! :D

  10. Adam W. WarnerBy Adam W. Warner on 2 July, 2013

    Hi Yoast,
    It’s an inevitable move when you’re supporting any software, especially plugins as widely used as yours. Good move.

    Better WP Security recently listed their paid support option with us for this same reason. The free support threads were just too busy for a small team to answer them all.

    With a paid support option, the support requests become very targeted and developers have the added ability to request more info right from the beginning through their support forms (plugin version, WP version, domain, etc. etc.), and mixing this with a service like HelpScout really helps to streamline the support process for both the end users and the support provider.

    Good stuff and I wish you the best of success as always:)

    • ChristopherBy Christopher on 23 July, 2013

      I am as well with your idea Adam. Thanks Yoast, keep sharing your wits for It’s but a Bingo! We’ll catch up the good stuffs here,favorably for us :)

  11. MaAnnaBy MaAnna on 2 July, 2013

    Super move, and actually surprised that it didn’t come sooner. This plugin renders such benefit to my site that I’m happy to pay for it even if I never have a support issue.

    I’m not a plugin coder, but will help on the forum where I can.

  12. Dale ReardonBy Dale Reardon on 3 July, 2013


    I use your plugins both free and paid and think this would be a great help.

    I am having trouble getting the Google author highlighting to work. Is this something you would assist with by the way?


    • Herman DailybitsBy Herman Dailybits on 3 July, 2013

      Probably you have to fill in your google+ about link in the correct field in the wordpress user section.

      Yoast his plugin is reading the authorlink from that location.

  13. Josh BrancekBy Josh Brancek on 3 July, 2013

    What more can I say??? Great move Yoast. Great Move indeed.

  14. Francis ReduBy Francis Redu on 3 July, 2013

    good move, it will be a a great help for the plugin.

  15. Joseph NirmalBy Joseph Nirmal on 4 July, 2013

    Before using Yoast SEO my blog is indexing in google webmaster tools. After install and configure Yoast SEO my blog is not indexing in Google Index why?

  16. AlexBy Alex on 4 July, 2013

    Great move and I hope it works well for you. As a DIY’er this is perfect for me of course. But in general I think that model of free software/paid support makes a lot of sense.

  17. WayneBy Wayne on 4 July, 2013

    Nice one.
    i will be more then happy to pay for the premium version to get direct support from you and your team.

    The times i needed help and could not get any, it was unreal. So at lease i can now get direct support (well come August)

    Now that i can get direct support, i think i will also get the Video SEO come August too.

  18. oloyede jamiuBy oloyede jamiu on 5 July, 2013

    Joost, this is a good and smart decision.
    Hope to see the new features in august…

  19. NileBy Nile on 7 July, 2013

    I support this fully. I offer a lot of free support for your plugin in many different WordPress and blogging related forums on Facebook. It’s not new news that most of the support and troubleshooting is repeat issues.

    I’m not troubled to do it, but I can definitely see why you are making this decision. :)

  20. Ryan BaileyBy Ryan Bailey on 7 July, 2013

    Very sensible move. It never fails to amaze me when I see the number of whiners on support forums who have got a free plugin and free support and then expect instant responses to their questions. No doubt these people don’t flip burgers at McDs for free.

    I actually think this sounds a good business model – free product but paid support. I’d be curious to know how it works out for you, not sure if you’d be willing to share that info though :-)

  21. Sam MampheyBy Sam Mamphey on 7 July, 2013

    This was expected because of the effectiveness of the plugin. I really do not normally comment on your posts although i read them regularly but this time round i decided to comment. Offering slightly more for users who pay and keeping the plugin free is a great compromise.


  22. Waheed AkhtarBy Waheed Akhtar on 8 July, 2013

    Thank you Joost for not making it paid plugin ONLY and leaving space for free use. Appreciate all your efforts.

  23. Barbara WelchBy Barbara Welch on 8 July, 2013

    Thanks, very helpful informations!

  24. ChrisBy Chris on 8 July, 2013

    Good to see the move to paid support. With the untold success of your plugin in recent times its to be expected.

    Anybody that’s used the plugin obviously understands how good it is so should have no issues paying when they need support.

  25. Alex OludiyaBy Alex Oludiya on 8 July, 2013

    This was ultimately inevitable and the model you have chosen to solve it is to be applauded.

  26. Rana IrfanBy Rana Irfan on 9 July, 2013

    Hy Joost!
    I am so happy to see this article. i am using wordpress seo by yoast. it is great plugin. and i am enjoy this plugin. thanks for sharing with us.

  27. Gert-JanBy Gert-Jan on 9 July, 2013

    Do you have thoughts on if, and when/ you will respond to questions not answerable by the end-users since they will impact the ‘core’ logic? The reason why I ask is because some months ago I asked a question there about whether it would be possible to add some logic to be able to integrate realtime front-end SEO suggestions in our free and opensource Nexus WordPress framework. Since I haven’t received an answer since (which I understand as you’re busy, so no worries) I decided to embed the SEO plugin right within our framework. This basically means I need to make ‘derivations’ each time you release a new version of your SEO plugin (which is OK btw, but could be more practical :)

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 9 July, 2013

      That’s what issues on GitHub are for. Also, I strongly suggest you stop “embedding” the plugin right now. You’re putting your users at risk by preventing a normal upgrade and thus preventing them from running security upgrades.

  28. MandarBy Mandar on 10 July, 2013

    Great Work Yoast !
    Keep it up !

  29. GeorgeBy George on 10 July, 2013

    Sounds good to me Joost. Good luck with everything.


  30. Mark LewisBy Mark Lewis on 10 July, 2013

    I love the support you provide. I think your ability to listen to feedback from your customers and take it into consideration moving forward is why you’re so successful! :)

  31. Ross RhizalBy Ross Rhizal on 11 July, 2013

    Your plugin is great (as are your other products) and I look forward to future developments. Thanks for sharing your work with the wordpress community!

  32. Dorm AccessoriesBy Dorm Accessories on 11 July, 2013

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  33. ComfortersBy Comforters on 11 July, 2013

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  34. Twin XL ComforterBy Twin XL Comforter on 11 July, 2013
  35. PietBy Piet on 11 July, 2013

    Perhaps an idea to include your official statement in the description of the plugin in the Repository?

    That could very well mean a decline in posts.

    I will be on the lookout for easy to answer questions whenever I have time on my hands.

  36. SEMfuzeBy SEMfuze on 11 July, 2013

    Your pluggins work like a charm every time!

  37. RickBy Rick on 11 July, 2013

    Great approach Yoast!
    Your plugins are amazing and without them a lot of blogs would be having serious traffic issues but you solves this for us. Many thanks!

  38. CharlieBy Charlie on 13 July, 2013

    You guys offer a great product and its exciting that you are switching to this model. Building relationships takes time and time = money. Will this subscription cover all your plug-ins or just specifically seo?

  39. zarabianieBy zarabianie on 15 July, 2013

    Great, I love your plugin.

  40. Lojas VirtuaisBy Lojas Virtuais on 16 July, 2013

    Hello Yoast,
    The paid version, will it be a white label version available as well?
    I mention this before on previous theads but never got a response..
    Great ideia on paid support….Way to go.


  41. Vanessa BlaylockBy Vanessa Blaylock on 17 July, 2013

    I like the free plugin and paid premium support model. As so many have said so many times, it’s a great plugin. Just today I wrote a short note on how your plugin is helping me be a better writer in spite of my tendencies toward overwrought language! :)

  42. ziyamarshalBy ziyamarshal on 18 July, 2013

    I can dance with your plugin, love these I am waiting the month of August in which you are going to start a premium version.

  43. George AndersonBy George Anderson on 18 July, 2013

    Thanks Joost. I use Yoast on all of my WordPress sites and love it. Keep up the great work.

  44. RahisBy Rahis on 19 July, 2013

    Hey yoast i need help related to your SEO plugin now plzzzz help me. I am unable to update SEO by yoast when i try to update it says no download found and my wordpress admin panel is showing me update for SEO by yoast.

  45. JaspreetBy Jaspreet on 19 July, 2013

    Hey, Joost I am unable to do use more than two foucs keywords in Yoast Plugin. Please Tell me how to do it. I want to use two focus keyword. Thanks

  46. Daniel HeywoodBy Daniel Heywood on 19 July, 2013

    I’d be more than happy to pay for support and I’d expect to, your time isn’t free. The fact that this plugin is free and will remain free is great news for all, it’s my ‘go to’ plugin so i’m real happy its here to stay!

  47. JohnnyBy Johnny on 21 July, 2013

    Love your plugins.And love the idea that you are keeping it for free…thumbs up

  48. shahalam khanBy shahalam khan on 22 July, 2013

    Using yoast plugin for free a great idea, thanx for sharing.

  49. JohnBy John on 22 July, 2013

    Love you WordPress plugins, I’m excited to see what you will do over the next 12 months to the product!

  50. Youri van DijkBy Youri van Dijk on 23 July, 2013

    Dat heeft nog lang geduurd! Maar is het niet handig om toch ook een fatsoenlijk gebruikersforum op te zetten? Je zou daar dan weer duidelijk aan kunnen geven dat bezoekers ook betaalde support kunnen krijgen.
    Ik vind persoonlijk het forum… ahum… niet zo makkelijk te gebruiken. ;)

  51. LakhyajyotiBy Lakhyajyoti on 23 July, 2013

    Great post Yoast. I really love your plugin. I have total seven blogs. I installed the plugin on all of of my blogs.

  52. LesleyBy Lesley on 23 July, 2013

    I am trying to figure out how to add the word press plugin to my website, so that i can add meta tags and canonical tags to my website.

  53. BradBy Brad on 25 July, 2013

    Whatever works so you guys can keep building great plugins!

  54. ByanBy Byan on 25 July, 2013

    I’d seriously consider the $349/year support for my clients’ sites. The plugin has worked wonders for many of sites that i’ve managed seo. Thank you for this wonderful plugin!

  55. Kenny EliasonBy Kenny Eliason on 26 July, 2013

    Excited for the new plugin to come out. We will definitely be on board too! Great work you guys do, and of course we’ll try to contribute to the forums as much as possible. Thanks for the great plugins!

  56. SanjeevBy Sanjeev on 27 July, 2013

    Good approach. Hope this works for you. maybe you should add some more people for this work.

  57. AndyBy Andy on 27 July, 2013

    Paid support will definitely come with great support. Your plugins have been amazing so far, especially the WordPress SEO plugin. Looking forward to your launch!

  58. AndyBy Andy on 27 July, 2013

    Paid support will definitely come with great support.

  59. MajidBy Majid on 28 July, 2013

    Nice! looking forward towards the Google Analytics plugin and good luck with the new support :) it will be much better :)

  60. keyur savaliyaBy keyur savaliya on 29 July, 2013

    As a Fan Of your plugins,i will wait eagerly for this new upcoming Google Analytics plugin.I am New to all this technology as i am in the field of mechanical enginnering study.I learn too much from your many thanks.

  61. Fab DeckBy Fab Deck on 29 July, 2013

    Hey just wanna say that your WordPress SEO plugin deserves all of our support (the users of this plugin). As andy mentioned, paid support will come with great support!

  62. Ben KingBy Ben King on 30 July, 2013

    You are right about forums and other stuff like that, really hate it.

  63. shahalam khanBy shahalam khan on 31 July, 2013

    Great post, thanks for the info.

  64. paket wisata pulau tidung hematBy paket wisata pulau tidung hemat on 31 July, 2013

    woowww very interesting information, I tried to learn Yoast strategy turned out to be easier than lainnya.thanks

  65. sam dreadthugBy sam dreadthug on 1 August, 2013

    Its great that you guys keep the plugin free. and charge for the advanced support only. Its really helpful for the starter to understand the scenario and go for the pro.

  66. Vance HallmanBy Vance Hallman on 1 August, 2013

    Will there be an affiliate program? :-) That would be the product launch of the century!

  67. Program ApotekBy Program Apotek on 2 August, 2013

    This is very Nice Post.. :)
    Thanks soo.. :D