Gravity Forms on Press This

August 26th, 2009 – 31 Comments

Last night, Carl Hancock of Gravity Forms was my guest on the 3rd episode of Press This. We discussed what this awesome new plugin does, how they went about developing it and a whole lot more. If you’re interested, listen to the show, or read the transcript.

gravity.gifI wanted to talk a bit more about Gravity Forms though. I have my own contact form plugin, and yet, I have decided to go with Gravity Forms for all the contact forms on this site, and it’s now the only contact form we use for all our client projects.

It is that, for several reasons. Most important: it’s bloody easy to use. No programming needed anymore if the client wants another line of input added, needs a captcha or a file upload, wants a drop down or even wants people to be able to submit content directly to the site through a form.

Second: it stores all contact entries in the database, and has an easy to use interface to search through and export them into something like, for instance, a csv file. This way, if the notification email goes wrong, there’s still a copy on the server.

There’s loads more, as I said, both my contact form and my hire me form are now built with Gravity Forms, so I can only say: go get it. Carl was so kind as to leave a promo code especially for Press This listeners, which I don’t think he’ll mind if I share here: use PRESSTHIS as a coupon code for an instant 20% discount!

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