Got my MacBook Pro!

OK, so, it’s lovely, completely lovely. Fast, and everything you want. Some minor annoyances though. My Noklia 6230 has a firmware which is to old to be supported by iSync. Sounds resolvable, probably will be, but annoying nonetheless. I also ordered a Windows XP SP2 CD to install Windows on my laptop immediatly, try if it works, and if it does, get rid of my Windows PC. Minor trouble is that the CD i got isn’t recognized by my laptop. But well, downloading one and using my own, legally bought serial # won’t hurt anyone i guess. Nothing else to tell? No, not really. It’s just fast, boringly fast, that’s it :)

Having WebKit again is the greatest pay-off of this whole thing, how nice to be back on your “own” browser again, feels like home, sweet home. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. MariekeBy Marieke on 13 April, 2006

    Your girlfriend however isn’t as excited as you are…. hopefully you won’t forget me….
    I’m that girl with the brown hair and the huge belly….. sitting alone in front of the TV and missing my boyfriend who is flirting with his Macbook Pro