Google subdomain & 302 spam

Dave pointed out last week that 302 spam is far from gone. Wiep pointed me at another form of spam that’s far from gone, combined with 302 spam. If you search for “hypotheekoffers” and flip to page 2, you’ll see a whole lot of subdomain spam. These subdomains 302 redirect to one domain, resulting in one domain taking almost the entire second page…

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11 Responses

  1. WiepBy Wiep on 6 March, 2008

    “resulting in one domain taking almost the entire second page…”

    …and third page, and fourth page, and fith page, and…

  2. DAGBy DAG on 6 March, 2008

    302 spam, isn’t Dead…
    Google improves the algorithms, but it is not enough.

  3. NielsBy Niels on 6 March, 2008

    Nice job who is the SEO

  4. RobbertBy Robbert on 6 March, 2008

    This command shows another, creative way of “optimization”.

    PS: it works perfectly, taking a lot of high ranks in the SERPS. For instance, check “hypotheekrente”

  5. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 6 March, 2008

    @Robbert: what was meant to be under that link? :)

  6. oeroekBy oeroek on 6 March, 2008

    That looks nasty. And i think that the popularity of the subject even brougth the weblog of david naylor down. The link to 302 spam in your post did not work.

  7. RobbertBy Robbert on 6 March, 2008
  8. BrewGinBy BrewGin on 7 March, 2008

    My personal pet spam grief:

    You get to guess who sits in that nr 1 organic spot for “digitale televisie”? ;-)

    In the last couple of months I’ve seen their inbound links rise from 40k to 130k, but luckily they’re dropping again to 18k at the moment (using Yahoo, don’t know how reliable that is in this case).

    The most entertaining spam domain I’ve seen from these guys is:
    www .nl

    Reported it to Google NL a few months ago. Still patiently waiting to see them drop from that number one spot.

  9. Reynder (seo)By Reynder (seo) on 10 March, 2008

    Pretty amazing how this is still possible. It is so obvious.

  10. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 10 March, 2008

    Yeah they fixed this pretty quick though.

  11. Leo F. SwiontekBy Leo F. Swiontek on 29 March, 2008

    I have noticed google has stopped passing page rank to inner pages. I have noticed that when the site links are from within content than page rank is well passed otherwise not. So content has gone very important. If your site dont have content even links from high page rank sites cannot help.