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Google announced some changes today, in that they’ll enable SSL for all logged in users because of “privacy concerns”. I think that reason is bull, and wrote a guest post about it on SEObook. runs on the Genesis Framework

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16 Responses

  1. JamesBy James on 19 October, 2011

    Alleen voor .com users! Gelukkig nog geen grote uitrol, maar wel heel vervelend voor SEO campagnes.

  2. Steven TRACYBy Steven TRACY on 19 October, 2011


    I just read your comment on Seobook.

    Thanks for highlighting yet another misconception of Google search.

    Here’s a video to watch wich I quite like :

    Google in turning into a search add engine,and thus, will lose interest for it’s users.

    Thanks to Google’s last moves there is more and more open space for other search engines to compete.

    They’re cutiing the branch that they’re sitting on.

    Try duckduckgo for fun :)

  3. simoBy simo on 19 October, 2011

    if you’ll get referral keywords only for your domain, the only way to optimize will be buying another domain, and use the new domain as a landing page. Pretty bad consequences for the web.

  4. Master Web DesignerBy Master Web Designer on 19 October, 2011

    It really is all about controlling the keyword aftermarket. They own a product and a good one. People have flocked to it and now its the major player and they have left “do no evil behind when it comes to their search engine results keywords. Matt Cuts is all over this on twitter, in the typical defensive posture, like always. I mean how this effects SEMrush and so many other aftermarket companies is going to have real fallout. Control search, control data, then finally it is easy and logical. Control Access.

  5. Dave JensenBy Dave Jensen on 22 October, 2011

    It is turning into a world of domain glutten and backlink trickery that no one is comfortable with anymore. Privacy has always been a joke at Google and SSL is the poorest excuse at goodwill.

  6. rotary dryerBy rotary dryer on 24 October, 2011

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  7. Dilara BasyurtBy Dilara Basyurt on 24 October, 2011

    Hi yoast thx first time for this super nice plugin… (WordPress seo)

    I have one question…

    I will make my sitename (title) name with speziall charakters

    Title not = Ẕ3yᅮエℕ.com

    It’s this bad for seo or good?…

    Sorry for my bad english.

  8. Dale ReardonBy Dale Reardon on 26 October, 2011

    Hi Yoast,

    Are you still sending out the email updates? I haven’t received one for a couple of weeks and wondering if it is me playing up as have always got them before.


  9. Lewis WarrenBy Lewis Warren on 26 October, 2011

    Very interesting post, seems like it could cause a few problems with keyword research, unless of course your company is forking out more for Google Adwords! Quite cheeky of them really!

  10. ReyBy Rey on 28 October, 2011

    whow that was a big news. if this is the case I think it would be not fair.

  11. AdriBy Adri on 1 November, 2011

    Idd een beetje hypocriet en je kan zeker spreken over een dubbele agenda van Google!

  12. JohnBy John on 2 November, 2011

    I’m tired of waiting for a “movement” to hold Google account for all this B.S. I will start blocking Google from my websites.

    Joost +1 for

  13. Marc RichterBy Marc Richter on 3 November, 2011

    Of course the move is nothing but cock and bull by Google. They think just a little window dressing with an SSL cert while on their site and we’ll forget their extracting of data everywhere else.

  14. vijay varuteBy vijay varute on 4 November, 2011

    You shared the best information .I like it

  15. Eka DayaBy Eka Daya on 4 November, 2011

    Thanks for this great plug in, goodluck all. Have a great day.

  16. Anthony FosterBy Anthony Foster on 7 November, 2011

    Interesting stuff. I think this SSL stuff has been coming for a while. Surprised it took this long!