Google Analytics for WordPress get’s a logo

I’ve just pushed out release 4.0.7 of my Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. It contains a few minor bug fixes, and a little something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: a proper logo. It was designed especially for the plugin by Level Level, a Dutch WordPress specialist I’ve had the pleasure of working with before on the conversion of to WordPress. This is what the logo looks like:

Google Analytics for WordPress logo

The small version is used in the plugin heading on the admin page, a favicon version is used as a favicon for the admin page. I’ll be also updating the plugin page here on with it as well as several video’s on using the plugin and the reports it can generate.

Thanks a ton to Level Level for this awesome new logo, I really like it.

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13 Responses

  1. Chantal CoolsmaBy Chantal Coolsma on 17 August, 2010

    Looks really great. Compliments!

  2. Andy SymondsBy Andy Symonds on 17 August, 2010

    Great logo for an awesome plugin. Will be looking up Level Level myself in the future!

  3. Joakim GreenBy Joakim Green on 17 August, 2010

    A very nice one!

  4. Vassilis MastorostergiosBy Vassilis Mastorostergios on 17 August, 2010

    Woah, it looks great. And in such a small timeframe? Wasn’t it last week you were searching for a logo designer

    Nice one and respect to the designer!

  5. Oliver SchlöbeBy Oliver Schlöbe on 17 August, 2010

    Very well done. Tells about the plugin’s purpose at first look.

  6. Level LevelBy Level Level on 17 August, 2010

    Hi Joost, it was a pleasure. See our portfolio item for some more info on the design process: Google Analytics for WordPress logo by Level Level

  7. RamoonusBy Ramoonus on 17 August, 2010

    Nice logo guys!

  8. NeelakandanBy Neelakandan on 17 August, 2010

    That’s really interesting. Congrats.

  9. Pablo AlmeidaBy Pablo Almeida on 17 August, 2010

    Nice logo! It’s really cool! Google Analytics for WordPress plugin is the best when it comes to measuring results in WordPress! ;)

  10. BrockBy Brock on 18 August, 2010

    Agreed – that was done by a professional. Looks excellent! Glad to see you are using a pro.

  11. ChrisBy Chris on 20 August, 2010

    I love this plugin, especially when it’s combined with Google Analytics Dashboard. Nice to see it being branded :)

  12. gazdaBy gazda on 23 August, 2010

    Great plugin and great design.

  13. Bob MarconiBy Bob Marconi on 25 August, 2010

    I like – it looks great!