Doug Richard’s mentoring club

I’m currently at Made in 48 hours lecturing a few hundred people about effective search engine marketing and search engine optimization. The event has been set up by Doug Richard, known to people in the UK as a former Dragon from Dragon’s Den and a serial entrepreneur, VC and teacher of small business and startups.

Doug Richard's Mentoring ClubDoug has just announced Doug Richard’s Mentoring Club, which is a project we’ll be working on together to provide expert advice and on going support for Startups and Small Businesses. We’ll provide practical, pragmatic, effective advice in everything from ecommerce, sales, marketing, web design, raising finance, public relations, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. etc.

Now, here’s the thing: we’re launching with just 100 seats . . . so if you want to sign up (for just £ 95 + VAT/month), do it now!

A quick overview of what we’ll offer

We will deliver new information, resources and support to our Mentoring Club members every week.

  • Twice a month we’ll offer a Morning Conference over our Live Learning interface which will allow Doug, and other speakers as required, to address selected questions from members of the group in real time. Group members will also have an opportunity to connect with and support one another during these meetings.
  • Twice a month we’ll deliver a Podcast that covers issues and questions not addressed in the live session. The podcast will be authored by Doug and others as required by the topic of their questions.
  • Additional support will be provided via email or via an online forum.
  • Quarterly, we’ll offer a closed conference for our members and selected guests which will focus on one business critical theme like sales, product development, financing, marketing, working with investors, etc.
  • We will be offering more benefits over time . . .

We believe this structure will allow us to meet the needs of our members, and it will allow our members to become sources of support and information for one another. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can do a great deal to give one another the opportunities that build great enterprises, that is why we’re doing this. Now remember, there’s only 100 spots, we’ve already sold a good portion of that to the attendees here, so you should, if you’re interested, sign up as fast as soon as you can!

9 Responses

  1. accredited mentor programs
    By accredited mentor programs on 11 September, 2010

    Mentoring programs are a very effective way to further yourself and learn from seasoned professionals

  2. Adrian Grossett
    By Adrian Grossett on 13 September, 2010

    What a opportunity for any serious entrepreneur – the advice Doug Richard will give will be priceless !
    You would be a fool to miss it!

  3. Xyobi
    By Xyobi on 15 September, 2010

    This doesn’t suit my current situation at the moment unfortunately but I am jealous of anyone that signs on for this as after years of watching Dragons Den I found Doug Richards to be by far the most insightful of the Dragons that have appeared on the show.

  4. David
    By David on 18 September, 2010

    Just found out about this via your site. I’m torn really. I’m tempted to sign up for two reasons, you being one of the reasons and Doug being the other. However, there simply isn’t enough information about how much of what will be covered. For example, I don’t deal in products but virtual services and I value SEO / link building advice more than perhaps product related stuff. Since I don’t know how much there will be on this – I don’t know how much will be relevant to me.

    Secondly, in Chrome, this textarea spills text outside of it. And, on Doug’s site (schoolforstartups) footer is messed up and his post only had 4 re-tweets and considering his fame, I’d have expected much more.

    I’d be interested to hear your points on the above – feel free to email me or respond via comments.

  5. Senith MBA Tutor
    By Senith MBA Tutor on 22 September, 2010

    Is this going to be UK based? Will you have something similar in the US? Seems like proximity is important to take take advantage of this club!

  6. Senith MBA Tutor
    By Senith MBA Tutor on 22 September, 2010

    Sorry, hit enter too soon! anything similar in the Dallas, TX area?

  7. Alexa
    By Alexa on 5 October, 2010

    So far away from where I am now. I wish more such training will be conducted online. :(

  8. Nancy Fulton
    By Nancy Fulton on 5 October, 2010

    Greetings :)

    Thanks for having cool questions about the Mentoring Club. Actually, you can be a member from anywhere. We have several folks who are outside the UK. We have 2 meetings a month that are “live, interactive web meetings with video” where we answer questions from members, then 2 podcasts where we answer questions we didn’t get to, and we also provide ad hoc email advice to any member who contacts us within 24 hours. We have Doug and a collection of great world experts (like Joost) who weigh in on answering questions . . .

    So you can be anywhere. The only thing a bit problematic is we have 4 live conferences just for members a year. So those outside the UK can fly to attend, or skip them when and if desired.

    I think, just the online support, is worth the 100 pounds a month . . . And going once or twice a year to a face to face conference might be cheap enough and cool enough to do for many.

    We’ve already started helping people . . .