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July 03rd, 2009 – 14 Comments

Update: my WordPress blog is now hosted on, check out my article on WordPress Hosting, you’ll also read there that I actually use a different image than the one below, though the steps are almost the same.

So the guys who run WestHost and provide me with my awesome WordPress hosting, are a sister company of the guys that run, and they recently gave me a VPS to play around with a bit. I kinda liked how easy it was to get a VPS up and running with a TurnKey Linux / WordPress image on it, the only issue was it was version 2.5 and needed updating.

Though they told me that would be changed pretty soon (meaning the image will support a higher WP version), I made a quick video on how to do all this:

I have to say it was a pretty nice experience, if you’re looking for a VPS, this is pretty much top notch stuff (being a nice combo between a VPS and cloud based hosting) and it isn’t expensive.

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  1. Jimi Wikman
    By Jimi Wikman on 3 July, 2009

    I tried it out this weekend as well and I really like everything about it. Unfortunately I needed at least 2 nodes to setup with WHM/Cpanel and then I was torn between and another company and in the end the lower price won.

    I’ll be back soon though to get a few nodes for my next project :)

  2. Anders
    By Anders on 3 July, 2009

    The good people from made this cool screencast showing what you can do with VPS.NET:

  3. Jason Slater
    By Jason Slater on 3 July, 2009

    It will be interesting to see how you get on with the service and what sort of performance improvements you get with it. I have been using a VPS service for a few years and it is flexible but the speed could be better.

  4. Yvon
    By Yvon on 3 July, 2009

    Joost, really good video and appreciate the referral. I am pretty much new. You could have included what a vps is in one sentence or two and why some one needs it. Why does someone need a virtual private server. What is a node. Why do you need one. I am guessing if your blog is very popular and you get alot of website visits from all over the world having a dedicated host can slow down your site and cost more money because the hosting provider gets overloaded. Where are if you have a presence virtually in multiple servers, you can provide info on your blog much faster to people in US and UK that would be on your site at the same time and for less bandwidth charges.
    Is this true?
    Thanks for your great info; much appreciated.

  5. redwall_hp
    By redwall_hp on 3 July, 2009

    After months of comparing hosts, I recently decided on I plan on moving their this Fall.

  6. UK ads
    By UK ads on 3 July, 2009

    Is VPS state for WordPressServer?

  7. Nick Nelson
    By Nick Nelson on 3 July, 2009

    VPS is short for Virtual Private Server, however, what offers is not a typical VPS – it’s a “Cloud based” VPS. Basically a VPS allows your very own server environment without the high cost and lack of redundancy that a dedicated server typically provides.

    A “node” in terms is one “block” of resources. You could have VPS that is 8 different nodes (very powerful) or 8 different VPS’s that are 1 node.

    Also VPS can be reset often, so if you were using it for testing, within a few minutes you could start fresh with a new image.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  8. peter
    By peter on 6 July, 2009

    “Is VPS state for WordPressServer?” from “UK ads” <- lol, spam comment!

    I like the article and will get an account to mess around with. Thnx for the ifno Yoast!

    • Nick Nelson
      By Nick Nelson on 6 July, 2009

      lol, I thought it was just a typo. :)

      Oh well, now you have a explanation of what a VPS is!

  9. Matej
    By Matej on 7 July, 2009

    I tried to sing up for week ago but they don’t accept AMEX, what a bummer.

    So I went for WestHost’s Semi-Dedicated plan, they are truly great, support is awesome.

    I only find it little complicated because they don’t have cPanel so I need to have install WordPress manually for each domain.

  10. Sam
    By Sam on 7 July, 2009

    I have been with Midphase for a long time. (Sister site to Westhost and VPS). They have a ridiculously low shared hosting plan for new customers – like $2.95 per month with unlimited everything.

    Still, I have bought a $20 per month account (lowest cost) and am migrating my wordpress MU domains to it. Today actually.

    I want to compare speed, features, etc…with the Midphase shared hosting environment. Will let you know how it goes.

  11. Jeremy Weiss
    By Jeremy Weiss on 14 July, 2009

    Every since you posted about this and their CDN last week, I’ve been trolling their forums and pestering their sales staff. Last night I finally signed up. From the looks of things, I’ll be saving 45% on my hosting costs. Thanks Joost!

    • Shuki Haiminis
      By Shuki Haiminis on 15 July, 2009

      wow thats substantial!….how responsive was their staff in answering your questions?

  12. Jennifer
    By Jennifer on 28 November, 2009

    I stumbled upon and wont go nowhere else. So far the support is AWESOME, the service is great although a bit pricey but I will never sacrifice cost for my business EVER again. The system is so easy to add upgrades, they offer 2 ips per node, unlimited free ssl certificates, all within the click of a button.

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