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So last weekend I installed PHP5 on my server, to finally be able to do some new stuff, and this, it seemed, created some trouble with my SEO scripts that used NUSOAP. What is the problem? Well it’s easy: PHP5 has a soapclient built in, and this causes trouble :).

The solution is easy as well, rename class soapclient and function soapclient to nusoapclient in nusoap.php, and make sure you use new nusoapclient instead of new soapclient in your scripts.

7 Responses to PHP5 and NUSOAP

  1. Sean Jackson
    By Sean Jackson on 24 November, 2009

    Yes you could use NuSoap EXCEPT that NuSoap has a HUGE problem in supporting web service requests via SSL when you are hosting on sites like BlueHost, HostGator, etc.

    Most of these providers use a proxy. Usually no problem in http requests but if you need to call a WSDL file using httpS then you are in trouble. See for a description of the issue and work around.

    PHP5 has better support for SOAP than NuSoap. While this can be a pain for many, this one issue highlights why having the current version of PhP5 is a better option.

  2. siavash
    By siavash on 31 August, 2009

    includes\classes\lib\nusoap.php on line 7240

  3. php trivandrum
    By php trivandrum on 16 April, 2009

    Last year for a project involving travelport xml api integration, we badly needed the soap requests to be gzipped, since the technical support people suggested.

  4. Al
    By Al on 4 July, 2008

    You could also just call ‘new nusoap_client’ instead of ‘new soapclient’ and that would do the trick as well without altering anything else – good tip though!

  5. b.tavakkoli
    By b.tavakkoli on 18 June, 2008

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  6. Gagan
    By Gagan on 13 May, 2008

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  7. John Estick
    By John Estick on 16 February, 2008

    Excellent post. I just encountered this problem, and 5 minutes later I have the answer. You have to love the Internet, and especially your little part of it.

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