The a11y Monthly: Web content accessibility at Yoast

28 October 2016 by Andrea Fercia - 1 Comment

Universal access to content is an essential aspect of the web. Helping people finding content is one of the first steps. For that reason, it is the responsibility of every developer to make sure content is accessible for everyone. At Yoast, accessibility matters a great deal. We’re all focused in an ongoing effort to improve the »

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The social WordCamp US

23 December 2015 by Taco Verdonschot

Compared to many other IT-related conferences, WordCamps have always been slightly less technical. Not as focused on writing code as many others are. Over the years I’ve learned this may have something to do with the way our community is built. The WordPress community is not as homogeneous as others. It consists of developers, designers, »

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