Googling for microformats

January 22nd, 2007 – 14 Comments

Imagine, you can type in a query like “joost de valk class:vcard” and Google comes up with my contact page, because that has a vcard class in it’s markup, the main class of the hCard microformat. This was suggested today on the uf-discuss mailing list, a mailing list I’ve been lurking on for quite a while now, and it made me go “YES! That’s what I want!”.

It would be so cool if Google, or any other SE for that matter, knew how to handle searches like that. The same could be done for events, resume’s etc. Google would probably want to make it simpler, or make another page for it, since I can’t see my mum typing in “class:vcard”, but the idea is good, and I think something people should be working on.

Update 18-2-2010: It took them a while, but it’s hear now: Google & Microformats.

14 Responses to Googling for microformats

  1. Henry Gilbert
    By Henry Gilbert on 16 June, 2009

    My latest site: Whitelightproduction (dot) com

    Has Microformats now in place.

    Check it out !!

  2. Barry Wise
    By Barry Wise on 10 November, 2008

    Google maps supports microformats in their code, but it seems google doesn’t index it in sites it crawls.

  3. Henry Gilbert
    By Henry Gilbert on 7 June, 2008

    I am trying to add vcards to this Farmhouses in Tuscany website I am developing, but I still feel a bit unsure about microformats.

    My first implementation can be seen on the booking s page, there is a vcard there.

    I may apply the vcard on all pages, at the address shown on top.

    But I keep asking myself whether it is a good idea.

    Will it help visitors?
    Will people even notice or care?.
    What percentage of the public are aware microformats exist?

    My other conundrum are Social Bookmarking.
    Useful? Or distracting.

    I like my websites as simple as possible ..

    But I also like my websites to be as helpful and as possible. So it’s always hard to decide.

  4. Sarfaraz Khan
    By Sarfaraz Khan on 4 June, 2008

    I think it will be good in SEO. But I dont have much knowledge on microformats and its use. so please somebody clear me how I can use microformats in SEO or say boost my SE ranking.


  5. satoshi
    By satoshi on 26 May, 2007

    Yes, I love microformats. Since it was released I have been wondering how microformats affect with SE. So far seems like google love microformats…

  6. Daniel Aleksandersen
    By Daniel Aleksandersen on 11 February, 2007

    That would be cool!

  7. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 22 January, 2007

    Arjan: I know and LOVE it. Microformats are a “natural” extension to the web, so I’d expect them to take on more fast. It’s funny how a lot of Dutch webdesigners don’t seem to think about them yet though.

  8. Roel
    By Roel on 22 January, 2007

    It would be great if a SE incorporates something like a vCard searching in there services. But it would be fantastic if vCard would be combined with the possibilities of google agenda.

  9. Devon
    By Devon on 22 January, 2007

    That would rawwwk dude! I’d love to be able to Google microformats.

  10. Arjan Eising
    By Arjan Eising on 22 January, 2007

    In 2006 the usage of Microformats increased, in 2007 it will grow even more I think. Implementation in browsers, web applications, search engines… yes, you’ll be lucky Joost.
    Do you know the Operator extension for Firefox already?

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