FeedBurner history comparison

When I was working on my FeedBurner history graph tool, I thought it would be cool to be able to display the growth of a blog relative to some other blog as well, so i came up with the idea of “just” plotting a few other lines next to each other, showing how they performed relatively.

Hence my FeedBurner History comparison tool was born, go check it out, and give me your feedback!

2 Responses to FeedBurner history comparison

  1. Joost de Valk

    Hmm thx Ruben, those are some pretty good ideas, let me see how i can implement those :)

  2. Ruben
    Ruben  • 12 years ago

    Good stuff Joost! Some tips for possible improvement:
    – Create an option for comparing on a relative scale, so you can compare your feed growth to bigger or smaller feeds.
    – Get better colors for different feeds, these are too similar :)
    – Put the feed names in de legend at the same ranking as the final position in the graph, so people that can’t distinguish the colors can still understand the legend.

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