How to destroy your reputation with 1 post

June 25th, 2008 – 16 Comments

Gino Goossens is teaching those who can read Dutch just how to do that…

Ok, I should explain that a bit more for those who can’t read Dutch: Gino did a post on how to make RFP’s for web analytics. In itself it wasn’t bad, but he felt he had to comment about just about all his competitors, saying things like he didn’t see the connection between search marketing and analytics…

He calls himself an analytics evangelist, and when people point him at inconsistencies, he reacts by calling them amateurs. He calls out a couple of respected companies, like Traffic4U, ClickValue and my employer, Onetomarket, writing their names incorrectly and obviously not knowing what their business is.

All of this is commented on and obviously frowned upon by a lot of people, including me, and what he tells me in his last comment is “not to be offended”. I’m sorry, Gino, it’s too late for that.

16 Responses to How to destroy your reputation with 1 post

  1. moserw
    By moserw on 21 July, 2008

    Agree with the not knowing Dutch part. I surely don’t know it and hence cannot catch up with the said blog even though I would love to. Let me check out Google Translate to see if it can translate the contents into English.

  2. Eduard Blacquière
    By Eduard Blacquière on 6 July, 2008

    I didn’t find the time untill now to read this soap. Gino indeed made a fool of himself and I’m afraid that’ll do him no good. That’s not only a shame for him, but also for the Webanalytics & online marketing market in general. Gino made it harder for the rest to tell advertisers that online marketing isn’t about cowboys and shady businesses…

  3. Ton Wesseling
    By Ton Wesseling on 2 July, 2008

    @sint that is not correct. There is a twitter account from DC that follows all the DC writers. Gino has refollowed that account, that’s why his tweets are showing up at DC even if they are hidden for normal users (he unlocked them for DC).

  4. Derk
    By Derk on 28 June, 2008

    To be honest I think your overreacting a bit Joost. I just saw Gino’s post and the article isn’t that bad. His reactions were though, but I think everybody is entitled to have an opinion even if we do not always agree with it. When I was reading some of his postings he is being a critic who wants to start discussions on the topics he is posting. That is very noble because most of the postings on DC are just copied news facts that I have been reading on many other sites. Clearly he knows what he is talking about, the thing is that when he is writing his posts he talks to much about his company and is working to hard on making a statement. When you have some good inside information it is not always necessary to use that information so explicitly as he uses it in some of his posts. My tips for his reputation -that is certainly not destroyed- with this post; keep writing these kind of quality articles, do not talk about your company unless is it absolutely necessary and try to be more subtle when you disagree what other companies are doing and why you think; that should change. @Joost, I think you should change the title of this post in to a more subtle and encouraging tiltle. You could harm people’s reputation with a postings like this one and I think this is not like you seeing and reading all your other postings. Good luck and nice blog!

  5. Sint
    By Sint on 27 June, 2008

    Something else I noticed about this article: DC had a list of related tweets at the end of every article page. One of those is a comment from Gino on the commenters of his article, while he configured his Twitter account in a way only followers can read his tweets.
    A lesson from this is that you might want to be a bit careful when posting articles and comments around websites like DC that display relevant tweets, you should be aware that the tweets of your protected account still could end up being public…

  6. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 27 June, 2008

    Heh, they’re certainly not paying :)

  7. Dennis G
    By Dennis G on 27 June, 2008

    I didn’t know they were paying their bloggers nowdays for posting crap. If that is the case, I should reactivate my account at DC… LOL

    From Gino’s Linkedin profile:
    “Professional blogger &, Interactive marketing blog(s)
    (Partnership; 51-200 employees; Publishing industry)
    January 2006 — Present (2 years 6 months) is part of the
    – BlogXXL
    It is the biggest Interactive marketing weblog in the Netherlands with over +200K unique visitors per month. My Personal blog:

  8. EZ Marketing Tool
    By EZ Marketing Tool on 26 June, 2008

    OUCH!!! Just goes to show, just because you CAN post it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

  9. Sint
    By Sint on 26 June, 2008

    Hmm… The article itself isn’t too bad, it can be very helpful if you want to write your own RFP.
    The remarks made about those companies in the article are not very relevant and he is making it even worse with those comments, where in stead the discussion could have been about how to write an RFP. It is sad to read how this ended up in a negative discussion about whether or not companies like Onetomarket and Traffic4u are capable enough in the web analytics field.

  10. Dick
    By Dick on 26 June, 2008

    Here it is: Marketingfacts
    I see you (Joost) also commented on that post.

  11. Dick
    By Dick on 26 June, 2008

    Destroy a reputation… There’s somewhere a comment rant by him on marketingfacts from a few years ago (i think) where he already took care of that..

  12. Multimediedesigner
    By Multimediedesigner on 26 June, 2008

    That’s not very clever…

  13. martijn
    By martijn on 25 June, 2008

    he likes you, he is using your GA plugin:p

  14. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 25 June, 2008

    Updated the post a bit :)

  15. Quality Nonsense
    By Quality Nonsense on 25 June, 2008

    What about those who can’t speak Dutch? The suspense is killing me…

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