CSS3 section: multi-column layout

Jason Harrop mailed me today, congratulating me on the digg, and telling me about the multi column extension he created for Firefox. Multi-column layout was already planned as an extra addition to my CSS3 section, but this pushed it up the list a bit.

So here it is: multi-column layout in CSS3. This is one of my favourite parts of the CSS3 spec. Enjoy!

[tags]css, css3, firefox extension, columns[/tags]

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3 Responses

  1. VernBy Vern on 8 June, 2006

    Have I taken this concept too far?

    I do a print newsletter for my father’s historical society. I always have to eventually do a PDF version for the web. I also don’t do print very often so I use a really old version of PageMaker (ick) and have been having trouble with fonts and PDF creation for the printing… so…

    … I saw this wicked feature in FF and decided to do PAGE LAYOUT USING CSS AND HTML!

    Holy COW! It looks great… perfection… can’t tell the difference between the PM version and the “web” version. And now I don’t have to buy InDesign or Quark or whatever is hot these days.

    … of course… I use funky fonts in my CSS since for now it is just for creating PDF files for the local printer but who cares? It prints beautifully, I can “flow” content into columns the same as in PM and I could easily create an alternate CSS for screen use… uh… later of course when more browsers support columns.

    Now I can set up a data driven “newsletter generator” for my father to create his own darn newsletter… uh… those details will have to be worked out of course.

    So… is FireFox the new Quark? Or am I nuts?


  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 8 June, 2006

    hehe you’re not nuts, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper then Quark :)