Crawl Rate Tracker

Crawl Rate Tracker

June 20th, 2008 – 9 Comments

My friend Patrick Altoft and I were talking about his crawl rate tracker plugin yesterday, discussing some possible new features. He mentioned that it didn’t work on 2.5, more specifically, that the install failed on 2.5. Luckily, Mezza had e-mailed him a fix, I tested it for him and it proved to work. 

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Next to that fix I added some other stuff, first of which is tracking of Technoratibot, as you can see here:

Crawl report

Another new feature is the stats button per page. It adds a small button to the end of a post, to allow you to quickly access the bot statistics for that page. It looks like this:


Check out his post, and download the Crawl Rate Tracker!

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9 Responses to Crawl Rate Tracker

  1. Alan Rothstein
    By Alan Rothstein on 29 June, 2008

    You can also check your crawl rate for Google and change the crawl rate in Google Webmaster Tools. This is a great way to see the errors that Google finds and search queries that your website ranks on as well.

  2. Jaan Kanellis
    By Jaan Kanellis on 27 June, 2008

    I wish i could get the same data for non-WP websites.

  3. Bobbink SEO Blog
    By Bobbink SEO Blog on 26 June, 2008

    I’ve tried this tool last week but I didn’t get the results I wanted. I’m searching for a tool that combines these results with a graphical map that show the pages that are indexed versus the non-indexed pages.

  4. Dudu P
    By Dudu P on 20 June, 2008

    I love this plugin. A nice feature I would add to it IF i had the ability is a published/generated pages/posts graph, so I could compare the attention span of my blog to each crawler, and also detect indexing problems quickly.

  5. dktrooper
    By dktrooper on 20 June, 2008

    kinda looks great! heading up there..

  6. Edwinsdesignlab
    By Edwinsdesignlab on 20 June, 2008

    offtopic: this report screws up the blog layout in IE, reduce the width of the image.

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