Coverage of SES Amsterdam

I’ll try to list all the coverage of SES Amsterdam I’ve found online, please leave a link in the comments if I’ve missed one. Most of them are in Dutch, the first four are in English:

  1. Live coverage SES Amsterdam – SearchCowboys
  2. SES Amsterdam: The Changing Face of Search – SearchCowboys
  3. SES Amsterdam – Google Analytics for your SEM campaign – SearchCowboys
  4. SES Amsterdam – Beyond Googling
  5. Live verslag Search Engine Strategies Amsterdam – MarketingFacts NL
  6. Verslag SES Amsterdam (deel 1: de markt & het veranderende landschap) – MarketingFacts NL
  7. Verslag SES Amsterdam (deel 2: Google’s visie, OMD & IAB Taskforce Search) – MarketingFacts NL
  8. Verslag SES Amsterdam (deel 3: Linkbuilding en Beyond Google) – MarketingFacts NL
  9. Live verslag vanaf SES Amsterdam – Tribal Internet Marketing NL
  10. Verslag SES Amsterdam – Bijgespijkerd NL
  11. SESAmsterdam: een beeld op de Nederlandse markt – DutchCowboys NL
  12. SES Amsterdam: De ‘Google-view’ – DutchCowboys NL
  13. De Nederlandse Search Markt – M4N NL
  14. Google Analytics voor optimale SEM – M4N NL
  15. Verslag SES Amsterdam – Webanalisten NL

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5 Responses

  1. Bas van den BeldBy Bas van den Beld on 17 March, 2009

    Off course for all the english speaking followers of Joost: Searchcowboys covers in English. We will be covering the keynote of Anne Kennedy (probably at 16.15 Amsterdam time) live at the website with coveritlive and through twitter:

    Nice show Joost, well organized, thanks :)

  2. Roy HuiskesBy Roy Huiskes on 17 March, 2009

    Yeah i’m having fun. I’m also live blogging it in dutch at the Onetomarket site. Did a great job in such a small timeframe.

  3. just GuidoBy just Guido on 17 March, 2009

    All in all a great day.

    Thanks for the time and effort you, and everyone else who helped organise it, put into SES Amsterdam. =)

  4. Sjef KerkhofsBy Sjef Kerkhofs on 19 March, 2009