Comment Tracking in Clicky

So one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is use an Analytics tools API to enrich the data about a visit. Clicky is one of the few tools out there that have a well detailed API that allows you to push in extra data during the visit. The extra data bit I really wanted to add is an action that I consider one of the most vital actions on a blog: commenting.

Let me start by showing you the “end result”, first what a “visit” containing a comment looks like, second what data is stored for each visitor (the new feature adds both the name and the email address):



This is done by some pretty cool combination of the WordPress API and the Clicky API, and it also allows you to add comments as a goal in your Clicky:


Pretty neat huh? You can find it in my Clicky WordPress plugin!

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8 Responses

  1. Peter OlleBy Peter Olle on 18 November, 2009

    Hey Joost, have you tried Woopra ? I’m using it in 4 sites and it gives a really nice and realtime statistics. Check it out.

  2. Steven MannBy Steven Mann on 18 November, 2009

    Hey guys, I am using clicktale and it is really increasing my conversion rates by showing me how to optimise my site. there is a free version too. take a look.

  3. John (Human3rror)By John (Human3rror) on 18 November, 2009

    you are freaking genius. love it.

  4. John SamuelBy John Samuel on 19 November, 2009

    I have installed it. I want to try it for some time

  5. HenrikBy Henrik on 20 November, 2009

    Does it also track spam comments? Or can i filter spam/ham?

  6. Kirstin BaliBy Kirstin Bali on 24 November, 2009

    Wow this is cool gadget. Clicky also can track traffic from twitter. I think i have to register

  7. Andrew @ WeBuildYourBlog.comBy Andrew @ on 14 December, 2009

    Thanks for this really cool information. I will have to try it sometime.