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Emailing your commenters

29 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 17 Comments

I updated my Emergency WordPress access script today, because of some issues we’d discovered at OrangeValley and some bugs submitted by users. When I updated the post, I realized I should be emailing all the commenters, as some of them had had the same issue, and most of them would want the updated script. Quite »

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Video SEO and WordPress

16 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 42 Comments

Update: if you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in our premium Video SEO plugin for WordPress! I’ve been testing a lot with video SEO lately, and I’ll be doing a whole lot more of that testing, as video SEO seems to be a nice area to play in. Now I noticed my buddy Mark »

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Part II of my WordPress CMS series

12 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 8 Comments

I’ve just published Part II of my WordPress CMS series: Design & development of your WordPress CMS. Enjoy!

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Design & development of your WordPress CMS

12 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 1 Comment

So, after reading the article on getting from your website’s goal to a proper site structure, and having determined which kinds of page templates and functionality you’ll need, you’re ready for the next step: designing and developing your site. At the end of this article I’ll go through a short list of often-needed functionality, and »

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W3 Total Cache and why you should be using it

9 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 112 Comments

So I think I’ve not said it enough yet: W3 Total Cache is the best caching plugin for WordPress out there at the moment. To illustrate, I’ve made a short video outlining how I usually set it up:   Hope you enjoy it and make sure to install W3 Total Cache on your site or »

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Using WordPress as a CMS article series

2 June 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 12 Comments

I picked the winner for the ShopHTML competition today, a winner who asked for a post I can not possibly do in one single post. So I’ve started an article series on the topic: using WordPress as a CMS, and am ready to release the first article to you already: going from your website’s goal »

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Two WordPress SEO Plugins you should NOT be using

31 May 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 115 Comments

I was reading my backlog of feeds just now, and came across a couple of updated WordPress SEO plugins aimed at improving your site’s SEO. Some people are just plain ^%$#*& stupid, I’m sorry to say. Let me show you what got me so wound up: #1 Canonical Link Plugin This Canonical Link plugin consists »

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Small updates from me & my friends

8 May 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 19 Comments

I’ve got some small updates, from both myself, WordPress.org and some friends, including some very cool tutorials: The Salesforce plugin we released last week, WordPress to Lead, got so much attention that my head is still buzzing… It got featured on Mashable, TechCrunch and loads and loads more blogs and news sites. Very very cool »

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WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM

30 April 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 51 Comments

Note: this plugin is no longer being developed by Yoast, you can now find it here: WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM. Lorna Li, an Online Marketing Manager at Salesforce.com reached out to me on a definitive list of must-have WordPress plugins for her green marketing blog and other websites she was working on. During our conversation »

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Emergency WordPress access

21 April 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 50 Comments

If you do a lot of WordPress development work, you’re bound to receive WordPress database sometimes that you don’t have an admin account for. We usually test, if possible, on a database the client provides us with. We used to have to go into the database and change an existing user, or add a new one »

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