Digg effect

My CSS3 Preview section got digged this morning, which caused quite a few visitors and a VERY slow website…. I tweaked Apache a “bit” and it now works perfectly again. [tags]digg, css3[/tags]

More news in the CSS3 section

I added two very cool new pages to the CSS3 section, and i’ve changed my policy a bit. My policy was to add pages as stuff became supportted in either Firefox or WebKit. I have added Opera to that list, since they are doing other stuff, which is very cool as well. The two new…

Why i’m very happy with OmniWeb 5.5

I’m an Apple addict, and a Safari addict as well. I love it, and I love it’s core, WebKit, and spend a lot of time on it. Yet i’m very, very happy with the OmniWeb 5.5 sneaky peak. I wrote a piece a while ago, about a WebKit community release. Effectively, this OmniWeb sneaky peak…

CSS3 text-shadow

After getting some link love from Amber Rhea over at CSSInsider, I updated my CSS3 section. The new page is about text-shadow, and probably doesn’t really belong there as has been introduced in CSS2. However, only WebKit implemented it, so i thought “what the heck”. [tags]CSS, CSS3, text-shadow[/tags]

CSS3: multiple backgrounds and background-size

I’ve added two pages in my css3 preview section: multiple backgrounds and background-size. Both are nice, but multiple backgrounds really rock, since they allow for far easier website building. I really hope these get into some other browsers fast, as these two are only implemented in Safari/Webkit right now. [tags]CSS, CSS3, background-size[/tags]

Omniweb 5.5 in public beta!

According to Hicksdesign, Omniweb 5.5 has gone in public beta. You need to register in the Omniweb public forums, and then view this thread for download info. I will try it tonight, but it apparently has quite a new WebKit, since it includes the Web Inspector, as well as stylable buttons. Very nicely done by…

High DPI Web Sites

Dave Hyatt raises a VERY interesting question on the Surfin’ Safari blog. He talks about High DPI Web Sites and how this could be the future of browsing the web. I’ll chew on this one over the weekend.

Back by demand: CSS3 rounded border preview

I saw in my logs that people were still coming to the rounded border preview I made last year, and which I had removed from my site. So I updated it and put it back. I created a CSS3 preview section for it, in which I will add more pages soon.

Opera 9 Beta

Opera has announced Opera 9 Beta today, with new features including BitTorrent and Widgets. Though i haven’t found a use for the Widgets yet, the BitTorrent feature could be very nice. I will update more during the day, as I will use Opera all day today to do my dayjob ;).