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Yoast has its roots in SEO. We write a lot about SEO, ranging from keyword research to tips on site structure and more specific technical SEO. We also cover specific updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin.

As we believe in a holistic approach to online marketing, we combine SEO with Conversion Rate Optimization and Usability.

Local SEO strategy tips from Kristopher Jones

22 January 2015 by Joost de Valk » - 37 Comments

Two weeks ago, we asked our Facebook audience to post a question for Kristopher Jones about local SEO as a strategy. Kristopher is (among many other things) the founder of, a local search engine optimization solution for businesses that we really like. We chose the best five and got some interesting answers from Kris we’d like to share »

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How to create the right meta description

21 January 2015 by Michiel Heijmans » - 24 Comments

Yet another post about meta descriptions, I hear you think. Still, this is one of the issues that we often get support questions about after doing a site review. The thing is that everyone gets the idea, but little of us actually take the time to write a proper meta description for your article of page. Where »

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Optimizing images for SEO

14 January 2015 by Michiel Heijmans » - 69 Comments

If you are for instance a blogger or write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, you encounter this question on a probably daily basis: should I add an image to my article? The answer is “Yes”. Images make an article more vivid and can actually contribute to improving the SEO for your article. In this post, I’d »

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Custom dimensions and SEO

18 December 2014 by Thijs de Valk » - 11 Comments

As you might’ve noticed, we’ve added a couple of pretty cool features to the Google Analytics by Yoast Premium plugin. This post is another sequel to the custom dimensions posts, in which I’ve been explaining the custom dimensions in the plugin. Today I’ll explain the new custom dimensions we’ve added and how they can actually help »

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Clean up your bad backlinks

16 December 2014 by Michiel Heijmans » - 28 Comments

With the new year just around the corner, Yoast has decided to provide you with a head start for your website. The general idea: clean up your entire site for 2015. In this post, we will go beyond on-site optimization and explain a bit more about bad backlinks for your website. Bad backlinks, or low quality »

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New eBook: optimize your website

13 November 2014 by Joost de Valk » - 11 Comments

Optimize your Website cover

Just about 2 months ago we released our eBook optimize your WordPress site. It’s been sold over 5,000 times now, which makes us very proud. We have received a lot of positive feedback in that time encouraging us to do more eBooks. There was one question that kept popping up though: do you have a »

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Homepage optimization

14 October 2014 by Michiel Heijmans » - 28 Comments

Homepage SEO does not exist. That was the statement in the post I did last week. However, a lot of the people that commented on our site, and on Twitter and Facebook, still feel that a homepage should be optimized for a keyword. Perhaps optimizing your homepage for search engines works for some of you, but ranking in »

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Does Homepage SEO exist at all?

8 October 2014 by Michiel Heijmans » - 64 Comments

It’s clear that a homepage serves a number of different purposes. Among others, it is your welcoming page and your main user guide for your website. I promise to devote another post to that. There is however one purpose that I feel a homepage does not have, and that is ranking for keywords other than your business name or »

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Google’s Search in Sitelinks and WordPress SEO

24 September 2014 by Joost de Valk » - 30 Comments


Recently, Google introduced the new “search in sitelinks” box for a lot more sites. In the past this used to be restricted to YouTube and a few other sites. If your site is eligible, you’ll see it by Googling your brand, or receiving an email like this from Google Webmaster Tools: So let’s run through steps »

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Things to consider for your online shop

18 June 2014 by Michiel Heijmans » - 27 Comments

Last week, we had an email from somebody who was pretty desperate. He had set up an online shop, filled it with thousands and thousands of products and in the three or four months after release, still nobody had found his shop or ordered his products. The online shop at hand sells women’s cloths. This guy »

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