Wikipedia Link Nazi’s

Jaimie of SEO Egghead has a wonderful post on Wikipedia editor being link nazi’s, with a wonderful picture to illustrate just what he means with the term “nazi” as well. His experiences with the editorial team of Wikipedia: he wrote the article on link-bait and quoted Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts, Aaron Wall, and linked to…

Why you should check Google suggest

In the new Firefox 2, Google suggest is incorporated into the search block in the top right of your browser. This new box CAN have quite an important effect on the way you should optimize your site. I’ll show you why with an example.

Launching a new blog? Get it right in one turn

My friends over at Aviva Directory have written another excellent piece of content: a list of 21 tips to launch your blog. Now I’m not saying I’m doing it all right, but I should be, and so should you. The list they made consists of 6 parts: The First Impression RSS & Subscriptions Social Bookmarking…

Why PageRank says nothing about rankings

Sometimes you’ll get clients who say “my PageRank is x, yet I don’t get any visitors from Google�. Understandable, I think. If you were graded 6 out of 10, by the biggest search engine out there, it’s only fair to expect some traffic, or isn’t it?

Wikipedia and Link-Spam: the story continues

As I told you before, some people on the WikiProject Spam page were talking about ways of sharing the links they remove with search engines, and especially Google. This dicussion has been going on, and now Jimbo Wales, founder of Wikipedia, commented on it.

The risks of link-spamming Wikipedia

Whether you think it’s spamming or not, adding your own site to Wikipedia is considered spamming. I found out “the hard way” in a discussion I was having with Wikipedia editors on their WikiProject Spam page, regarding my previous post. Up till now, the only risk of placing your link in Wikipedia yourself, was that…

Developing link-bait 2: using Wikipedia

My previous post about developing link-bait told you about what to do with those beautiful pieces of content you have in your site which really deserve their own domain. It discussed how to get them started up by getting them Dugg, and how to make sure people would deeplink as well as link to your…

Small new project: SEO Heroes RSS

I’ve started a small new project, a page with RSS feeds of major SEO’s, on one of the domains I had lying around, SEO… The layout is heavily based on another RSS aggregator site, as you might have noticed. If people like this idea, I might do some funny stuff with it.