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Yoast has its roots in SEO. We write a lot about SEO, ranging from keyword research to tips on site structure and more specific technical SEO. We also cover specific updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin.

As we believe in a holistic approach to online marketing, we combine SEO with Conversion Rate Optimization and Usability.

Semantic HTML and SEO

26 October 2007 by Joost de Valk »

Just wanted to let you girls and guys know, an article I wrote for got released today: Semantic HTML and Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO has to be on your mind all the time

26 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 5 Comments

Dixon is giving a presentation right now about the changing nature of search, and pointing at the problem I see with clients a lot too: SEO can not be a “slice” of your marketing “pie”, it needs to be a fundamental value in all your other marketing activities. Yes you need to do your “basic »

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SES @ A4UExpo: Kevin Ryan and Mike Grehan

26 October 2007 by Joost de Valk »

The first session today was a session with Kevin Ryan from SES and SEW, and Mike Grehan who joined Bruce Clay earlier this year. They showed quite a few interesting charts and facts on Universal Search and how you could use that. I think there´s a huge chance for small companies and affiliates in Universal »

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Extreme SEO Q&A

26 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 4 Comments

So yesterday I was on the panel for the last session of the day: an Extreme SEO Q&A, moderated by Ciaran Norris, and on that panel with me were Dixon Jones, Marcus Tandler and Jason Duke. We had a lot of fun, and loads of good questions came up. Some of the topics we touched »

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Nofollow outbound links on your homepage and category pages

23 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 17 Comments

As you might have seen, I have now nofollowed all outbound links on my homepage and category pages. On the single pages for posts, these links are not nofollowed, unless I nofollowed them on purpose. I decided to do this after some discussion with a couple of guys (for who’s interested: Roy, Martijn and Dave), »

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I requested reconsideration, and got my PageRank back!

19 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 41 Comments

This blog got penalized with a -1 PR penalty for “selling links”. Now I did have some paid links on this blog in the past, when I was newer and less visible to the search world, and less “wise”. I’m not against buying or selling links, but doing it on your own blog, when you’re »

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Conference schedule

18 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 10 Comments

I’ll be speaking at two conferences next week and the week after, and I’m really looking forward to both! The first one is A4UExpo in London next week, where I’ll be on an Extreme SEO Q&A panel. I’m on that panel together with Marcus Tandler, aka Mediadonis, Jason Duke, aka JasonD from StrangeLogic and Dixon »

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From RSS? WordPress plugin updated!

17 October 2007 by Joost de Valk »

I added in two features: The plugin now automatically tags links within posts to posts and pages within your blog as well, so clicks to these pages will still make you recognize them as RSS subscribers. The plugin is now way stricter in giving someone a cookie. A visitor only get’s an RSS subscriber cookie »

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Intelligent site structure for better SEO

17 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 2 Comments

I wrote an article for titled intelligent site structure for better SEO. Go check it out!

Category: General SEO

What’s the PageRank of your wp-admin dir?

14 October 2007 by Joost de Valk » - 2 Comments

Sometimes you’ve got these moments when you’re working on something, and you think “d0h”. I logged into the admin pages, to find that the /wp-admin/ page had become a PR6… So I decided to update my robots-meta plugin and add the possibility to nofollow the login/logout and admin/registration links, to prevent this from happening »

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