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What I’ve learned in the SEM scholarship contest

15 December 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 3 Comments

Man I was cocky when I entered the scholarship contest. I though I’d beat everybody easily. The amounts of traffic that other articles were getting weren’t very impressive, I thought, and I was sure to be able to get much more traffic. After all, I knew from experience what a few blog posts and news »

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Why PageRank says nothing about rankings

16 October 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 15 Comments

Sometimes you’ll get clients who say “my PageRank is x, yet I don’t get any visitors from Google”?. Understandable, I think. If you were graded 6 out of 10, by the biggest search engine out there, it’s only fair to expect some traffic, or isn’t it?

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Changing your WordPress date permalink structure

3 October 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 2 Comments

I recently changed the permalink structure of this WordPress blog, going from /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ (WordPress default i think) to the much more elegant and simple /%postname%/. This is very cool ofcourse, both because it’s simpler and SEO wise, but on an existing blog, this leaves you with lots of links that point to the wrong URL. »

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Which links hurt and which don’t?

2 October 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 2 Comments

Links are very important for your site, even when you’re not looking at a site like an SEO would. One of the hot topics among SEO’s is whether links can hurt you as well. I’ve collected some recent threads at forums and some answers from the guys who are “in the know”, like Adam Lasnik »

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That’s some smart link building

26 September 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 4 Comments

Jim Westergren, the man behind SEO Fusion and some great articles about link building, has launched a new service: Smart Link Building. What he does is the following: you give him a site that you want links for and a list of keywords. Then he writes 20 mini-articles, with 10 links in each article, and »

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Getting Google’s last visit date from the Google API

22 September 2006 by Joost de Valk »

When Vanessa Fox over at the Webmaster Central Blog said they would update the “retrieved on” date even when a page hadn’t changed, it suddenly became very cool info. This means you can see when a URL was last spidered, even if you don’t have a Sitemaps account for the domain. This triggered me to »

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PageRank checker

17 September 2006 by Joost de Valk »

I have been enjoying myself in the last few weeks with building SEO tools, based on the different API’s for Yahoo, Google, MSN, Technorati and so forth. One of the things coming out of that box is a PageRank checker, it’s quite cool, because it can do an image which displays the PR of the »

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Online Marketing / SEO

11 September 2006 by Joost de Valk » - 1 Comment

When you’re an SEO like I am, you’re expected to know the good sites about online marketing and follow them, to be sure your knowledge stays on the right level. Now sometimes you find sites that you find you should have found way before. This one about Internet marketing is a good example, it’s a »

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SEO, Webdesign, e-commerce: you should do it all

7 August 2006 by Joost de Valk »

Or none of it… The longer i work in this business, the more i feel you can either do it all, or do nothing at all, because you need to have a pretty good knowledge of say, webdesign, to do SEO, or of SEO to do e-commerce or… etc. etc .etc. Some companies do it »

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Yet another CSS3 page: border-image

8 May 2006 by Joost de Valk »

And yet another addition to the CSS3 preview section: border-image. While doing this I uncovered what I think is a WebKit bug, not completely sure yet though. [tags]CSS3, border-image[/tags]

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