Briefly: New headers, Symbian, Webkit Community Release

Well i’ve been busy, this site has most of it’s headers updated, i created quite a few new ones and will be doing some more in the next few days i think. I’ve also taken control of yet another directory, which i love because Symbian runs: WebKit! So, we’ll see how much fun this…

Macbook Pro customs trouble

So apparently, my Macbook Pro gift from Apple got stuck in customs… Waiting for it to be released now, but i think somewhere next week i’ll be a happy man. Next to that, i took control of another nice directory today,, a directory for sports travel related links. [tags] macbook, apple[/tags]

WebKit Community Release

Last evening Mark Rowe and myself posted an appeal to the webkit-dev mailing list, asking for opinions on our plan for a WebKit Community Release. Our intention is to make a stable version of the current WebKit tree, especially aimed at bundling with other applications. Applications like Macromedia Contribute, Sandvox, CSS Edit, Xyle Scope and lots of others use the WebKit that is bundled with Mac OS X, while they may want more from their application then the system bundled WebKit can offer.