Blogspam works, but only in large quantities

Dave Davies did some research on whether nofollow links still pass some linkjuice, and as it turns out (which we knew of course) it does, a bit… So, for your blogspam to be useful, you have to do it in very very large quantities :)

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17 Responses

  1. RoyBy Roy on 29 June, 2007

    I’m guessing a multiplier of 0.1 of 0.05 which states that you should be spamming 10 times as hard.

  2. Just adding this comment to be a bit of a smart-a$$ since the post is referencing my comments. :)

    Dave Davies

  3. Vancouver Island DarylBy Vancouver Island Daryl on 30 June, 2007

    Did somebody say BLOG Spam?

    Daryl Quenet

  4. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 30 June, 2007

    Heheh, nice Daryl and Dave ;)

  5. MicrodesignBy Microdesign on 2 July, 2007

    so we need to spam our ass off :P every second we got some time free :P

  6. Buy your siteBy Buy your site on 2 July, 2007

    Maybe large quantities are needed because the pagerank of most of the article page on a blog is low.

    I try it nevertheless…

  7. Vancouver Island DarylBy Vancouver Island Daryl on 2 July, 2007

    I’d have to disagree Buy Your Site, in general BLOGs have great pageranks. 1) People tend to link to them 2) If a blogger is updating his BLOG constantly the page count grows quickly which gives good internal linking of setup correctly.

    The main reason is the nofollow tag, also keep in mind if there isn’t a no follow tag the more external links on a page the more that rank is divided to the linked sites. Cheers.

  8. Buy your siteBy Buy your site on 2 July, 2007

    @Vancouver Island Daryl,

    Well so there is still hope :-)
    This was the first time i have red about the no-follow tag and after some checking I’ve found out that many sites use it. Shocking!

  9. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 2 July, 2007

    Hehe Buy your site, the way people use them is different too. Check back on this post in a few days, and all the nofollows will be gone… It’s just there so I have the chance to clean up spam.

  10. Cristina MailatBy Cristina Mailat on 5 July, 2007

    Normally all the WordPress installation has now the nofollow build in. Is sometimes a good way to protect yourself. The new trend is changing, that means some of the biggest SEO bloggers have change their policy and now they removed the nofollow attributes.

  11. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 5 July, 2007

    I did Cristina, links are only nofollowed for a few days so I can remove spam :)

  12. oyunBy oyun on 7 July, 2007

    so we need to spam our ass off :P every second we got some time free

  13. KultikBy Kultik on 12 July, 2007

    Hi Joost, so how do you do it with the nofollow, do you have a plugin or do you do it by hand?
    Dat zou toch wel en beetje lastig zijn, of niet?

  14. SEOdesignBy SEOdesign on 4 August, 2007

    Not anymore.. according to Matt Cutts on DaveN: Matt Cutts Confirms Nofollow FIX

  15. Billy CanuBy Billy Canu on 18 March, 2008

    So Dave, for a newbie like me, how do u explain that in laymans term?

  16. Buy Your SiteBy Buy Your Site on 1 May, 2008

    Hey Joost,

    You said that the no-follow tags would be gone after a few day’s. That was 10 months ago, but the no-follow stayed. Changed your mind?

    seasons greetings,


  17. San Diego Web DesignerBy San Diego Web Designer on 17 July, 2009

    No follow does add some link weight, especially in Yahoo…the links are acknowledged often