Blog Metrics 0.3: who’s the best linkbaiter?

With version 0.3 of the Blog Metrics plugin, I’m introducing quite a bit of new stuff: it calculates how many trackbacks you received on average per post, and does a better job of calculating comments. But that’s only a small part of what’s cool in it, the coolest part, is that it now generates stats per author as well! It only shows those stats when there’s more than one author, to keep it clean if your blog is a single author blog.

Check out some screenshots:

Blog Metrics for a single author blogBlog metrics per author

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2 Responses

  1. NeeravBy Neerav on 5 January, 2008

    Hi Joost

    I found a bug that causes errors to be displayed if an author has either not written in this month or not written at all yet

    Have sent you PHP code to fix it

    thanks for the plugin