Though was originally conceived by Joost de Valk, he’s not the only author on this blog. In fact, some of the most linked to and talked about articles on were written by other authors. These are the authors that make up this blog for you:

Founder & CEO

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is the owner and creator of He's a WordPress / Web developer, SEO & and an Open Source fanatic.

He's also (and more importantly) the father of two sons called Tycho and Ravi, a daughter called Wende and the husband of a lovely wife called Marieke.

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Senior Consultant

Thijs de Valk

Thijs de Valk is a behavioural scientist, with a Master's degree in Pedagogical Sciences. He's turned geek to work at Yoast. He fills his days with customer support, website and conversion reviews.

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Marieke van de Rakt

Marieke van de Rakt is both researcher and projectmanager at Yoast. She has a PhD in Social Sciences, her current research focuses on conversion and web analytics.

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Senior Consultant

Michiel Heijmans

Michiel is a senior online marketing consultant at Yoast. He was one of the first bloggers in the Netherlands and co-founded one of the first Dutch blogs about webdesign and blogging, about:blank. At Yoast, Michiel mostly works on our website reviews.

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Guest blogger

Erik-Jan Bulthuis

Erik-Jan is an SEO consultant at Onetomarket.

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Guest blogger

Joachim Houtman

Joachim was a Magento consultant & developer. As co-founder of Remerce his focus has moved to performance based Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) e-commerce.

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Guest blogger

André Scholten

Hi all, I'm a freelance Google Analytics, Site Speed and SEO consultant. Need help, advice or training, please do contact me. For more info check my Google Analytics, Site Speed and SEO blog.

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Barry Kooij

Barry is a senior developer and the main sparring partner of Joost for all things code. In his free time, Barry likes giving back by creating WordPress plugins and contributing to various opensource projects.

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Guest blogger

Reinout Wolfert

Hi! I'm Reinout Wolfert, co-owner of a Dutch web analytics blog and working for SNS Bank. My interests are (google) analytics, seo, multivariate testing, behavioral testing, targeting, internal search, forms, etc.

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Guest author

Jeroen van Eck

Jeroen van Eck is Online Marketeer at eFocus. He's an active blogger for State of Search and his personal blog (Dutch). And he occasionally blogs for different Dutch online marketing blogs about search, analytics and online marketing in general.

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Guest blogger

Eduard Blacquière

Hi, I'm Eduard Blacquière (1981) and I work at OrangeValley Consultancy in the Netherlands, where I'm responsible for SEO.

I write about search marketing on my blog and on several large online marketing blogs in the Netherlands.

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Alex Moss

Alex is an independent SEO Consultant based in Manchester, UK. He loves all things on-site, as well as developing some WordPress plugins.

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Frederick Townes

Frederick Townes is the Chief Technical Officer of Mashable, one of the top 3 blogs worldwide. He is also founder of W3 EDGE, a design, search / social media marketing and WordPress consultancy. One of his largest contributions to the WordPress community was the performance plugin W3 Total Cache.

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