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Michiel is COO and one of the partners at Yoast. He was one of the first bloggers in the Netherlands and co-founded one of the first Dutch blogs about web design and blogging, about:blank. At Yoast, Michiel works on our website reviews as a senior online marketing consultant, and handles all day to day HRM.

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Find your shop’s niche

27 April 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 3 Comments

find your shop's niche

After you’ve determined your shop’s mission, you should focus on finding the right niche for your (online) business. Merriam Webster defines a niche as “the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people”. If you have found your niche, your products, sales, communication […]

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Shopping cart abandonment

12 April 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 14 Comments

Shopping cart abandonment

We optimize our checkout process continually. To do so, we keep track of our shopping cart abandonment. Why won’t people complete their purchase, even after they have already added your products to their shopping carts? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. Some of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment are so obvious, that you would almost »

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WordPress plugins and accessibility

6 April 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 4 Comments

accessibility responsibility

WordPress recently announced that “all new or updated code released into WordPress core and bundled themes must conform with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA.” This means WordPress will be making the product more accessible with every new update. Rian Rietveld‘s article WordPress goes WCAG clearly reflects her enthusiasm about this step forward in terms of accessibility. It aligns »

Categories: Usability & Conversion, WordPress

How to optimize your food blog

31 March 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 11 Comments

how to optimize your food blog

A very popular type of website is the ‘food blog’. Cooking and baking are hot, and the number of food blogs seems to rise. In this post, we’ll go over the things that will give your food blog just that little extra. Both for your users and in terms of SEO. Focus on long tail »

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The power of our reviews

23 March 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 11 Comments


We’ve been doing our website reviews for quite some time now. Over the past years, we have reviewed more than 1,700 websites (!) and counting. In this article, I’d like to show you how our reviews can help your website by highlighting some of the recommendations and how the follow-up on that resulted in increased traffic »

Category: General SEO

How to optimize your real estate site

16 March 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 8 Comments

how to optimize your real estate site

There is a significant difference between a real estate site and a ‘regular’ website. Real estate sites have temporary content: when an estate is up for sale, there is a page for it online. But when it’s sold, it tends to leave the internet. In this post, I’ll tell you how to deal with that. First »

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Optimize your (WordPress) gallery

9 March 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 9 Comments

Optimize your WordPress gallery

Optimizing your images is one thing, but optimizing a page filled with images really is another. Of course, there is a certain overlap in how to optimize a single image and a gallery. In this post, I will go over the things you need to take into account when using photo galleries on your website. »

Category: General SEO

How to optimize your news site

3 March 2016 by Michiel Heijmans » - 8 Comments

Optimizing your news site

If your website is all about news, there’s quite a lot that can be done to optimize your news site for search engines (and your users in the process). In this post, I’ll address a number of things you need to consider for your news website. First of all, if you have a construction business »

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The main accessibility checks

24 February 2016 by Michiel Heijmans »

accessibility checks

Accessibility checks help you optimize your website. For every visitor. By thinking about accessibility, you are actually thinking about your design, the use of textual and multimedia content, and the structure of your website. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has a list of accessibility checks for you. In this post, I will dive into »

Category: Usability & Conversion

Pinterest Analytics: a quick walk-through

18 February 2016 by Michiel Heijmans »


Pinterest was launched in 2010 and holds a steady position in our social media landscape these days. With over 100 million active users and $11 billion reported value (2015/09), Pinterest is here to stay. I already did an article on Pinterest Marketing back in 2014, so it was definitely time to write another one. In this »

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