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Michelle Foolen is an SEO Consultant at Yoast. She gives customers advice on how to get better rankings in Google and how to make their site user-friendly.

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The 6 most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

1 October 2018 by Michelle Foolen » - 32 Comments

SEO basics: SEO mistakes

Not sure why you’re not ranking #1 for your focus keywords in Google? You might just be making one of the mistakes a lot of site owners make. Here at Yoast we’ve seen and reviewed a great deal of websites. Many sites, from the small local businesses to the big corporate ones, are making similar »

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We researched longer meta descriptions: here are our findings

23 April 2018 by Michelle Foolen » - 51 Comments

should i write longer meta descriptions

A few months ago Google changed the length of the meta description from 160 to 320 characters. This caused quite a buzz in the SEO community and a lot of people wanted to know whether they should change their own crafted meta descriptions. In the meantime, we already changed the length of the meta description »

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What is thin content?

1 March 2018 by Michelle Foolen » - 31 Comments

what is thin content

At Yoast, we like to say ‘Content is king.’ By this, we mean that you cannot rank for any keyword if you don’t write meaningful and original content about it. In this SEO basics post, I’ll explain why you absolutely need content to make your site attractive for your visitors. Also, I’ll clarify why Google »

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Ask Yoast case study: Looking for a holiday home?

18 December 2017 by Michelle Foolen »

Ask Yoast case study: renting holiday home

Today’s case study is about renting holiday homes. There are a million holiday homes out there in all shapes and sizes. So what about a castle? A reader sent us a link to the site of a beautiful castle, located in France: Chateau de Lastours. The rooms and apartments are for rent. Let’s have a »

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Ask Yoast case study: SEO for a fashion business

14 November 2017 by Michelle Foolen » - 8 Comments

Ask Yoast Case study SEO fashion business

As a small business owner in the fashion and interior design industry, it’s important to make sure that visitors become familiar with your work and style. But when it comes to making your site SEO proof, some other aspects need attention as well. This case study focuses on the site, a great example of »

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Ask Yoast case study: SEO for local businesses

23 August 2017 by Michelle Foolen » - 6 Comments


Today, it’s time for another Ask Yoast case study. In this edition, we’ll give SEO advice to a local business owner. We received a cry for help from Hussein Ibrahim who owns the car services site Hussein wanted to know what he could do – apart from using our Yoast SEO Premium plugin – to »

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