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Google Maps has reached Europe

Today, it seems, Google Maps has reached Europe and has driving directions as well. So i can finally show you all where my home town is, and lead you to it :). [tags]Google, Maps, Europe, Nijmegen[/tags]

High DPI Web Sites

Dave Hyatt raises a VERY interesting question on the Surfin’ Safari blog. He talks about High DPI Web Sites and how this could be the future of browsing the web. I’ll chew on this one over the weekend.

Back by demand: CSS3 rounded border preview

I saw in my logs that people were still coming to the rounded border preview I made last year, and which I had removed from my site. So I updated it and put it back. I created a CSS3 preview section for it, in which I will add more pages soon.

Opera 9 Beta

Opera has announced Opera 9 Beta today, with new features including BitTorrent and Widgets. Though i haven’t found a use for the Widgets yet, the BitTorrent feature could be very nice. I will update more during the day, as I will use Opera all day today to do my dayjob ;).

Google Calendar Data API

Google has published the Google Calendar Data API. This allows for external interaction with your Google Calendar. Who will write the first plugin for iCal or Outlook which automatically adds new meetings to Google Calendar as well?

Stone Steps Webalizer

I’ve updated the SSW info a bit, will do more in the coming few days. Update: So I updated it a bit, and mailed the Stone Steps guys about it, and Andre from Stone Steps responded, very kindly telling me that you could also use a per domain css file, so i updated the info…

First WebKit commit!

Tonight, after having been quite busy for the last few days, I had some time to work on WebKit on my new Macbook Pro. I wanted to do some work on the website, as it needed a few updates, (and it still needs more). In this process, i had my first two commits!! I’ve had…

Want to sync Google Calendar with iCal or Outlook?

Google recently introduced Google Calendar, an online calendaring service, it seems like it’s possible to synchronize your online calendar with Apple iCal… Going to try that tonight, if it works, that would be very cool. I’ll update here if I find out. CompanionLink by the way has a program to do this for Outlook, Lotus…

Got my MacBook Pro!

OK, so, it’s lovely, completely lovely. Fast, and everything you want. Some minor annoyances though. My Noklia 6230 has a firmware which is to old to be supported by iSync. Sounds resolvable, probably will be, but annoying nonetheless. I also ordered a Windows XP SP2 CD to install Windows on my laptop immediatly, try if…