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I work as a web developer at Yoast, my work consists of all parts of the web stack. My interests aren’t limited by any technology or field so I really care about a lot of things.

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Migrating’s webshop from EDD to WooCommerce

27 February 2018 by Anton Timmermans » - 6 Comments

Moving to WooCommerce

At Yoast, we optimize every aspect of websites’ performance. Our goal is to make the web a better place by making websites more usable, easier to navigate, faster, and more reliable. In September 2017 we migrated our webshop from Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) to WooCommerce — it’s where we sell all the tools, products, and »

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How to correctly wrap WordPress JavaScript documentation

20 December 2017 by Anton Timmermans » - 1 Comment

dev tech blog

The WordPress JavaScript documentation standards have an interesting section about line length. You should wrap your DocBlock text to the next line after 80 characters of text. The reason for this is to make code readable in any editor. Even if the editor doesn’t have a build-in wrapping mechanism. There is a simple way to »

12 months, 12 technologies: Understanding Redux

14 April 2017 by Anton Timmermans » - 2 Comments

12 technologies Redux

So, you hear about this neat little library called Redux. A lot of people in the React community use it, so you decide to check it out. As you start reading the README, you discover that it probably wouldn’t be much use to you. But you realize something else: it’s only 2kB. What is this »


12 months, 12 technologies

24 January 2017 by Anton Timmermans »

yoast seo

I think it is important to keep learning new things. To encourage myself to keep doing that, I have two different ways to learn new things. On the one hand, I follow people that consistently produce quality content which I can learn from. On the other hand, I explore other interests to meet new people »


Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop 2016

30 November 2016 by Anton Timmermans »

On Friday, Irene and I visited the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop to learn more about information retrieval and to meet the Dutch/Belgian Information Retrieval community. Before going to this conference, I didn’t know what Information Retrieval was. Now I know what it comprises and how it relates to software development at Yoast. In our recently released »


Developer takeaways from WordCamp US

15 December 2015 by Anton Timmermans »

yoast wordcamp us

Two weeks ago Taco, Patrick and I went on a trip to the US of A to visit Philadelphia for the first ever WordCamp US. There are a lot of topics to cover, but in this article I’ll highlight some of my experiences as a developer taking part in WordCamp US and the WordPress Community »

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