Sortable Table Changelog

  • (09-may-2007), with fixes from Harald Ueland:
    • Implemented a better trim function, which also supports
    • Made sure the script wouldn’t cause an error when there are 0 rows;
  • (28-jan-2007):
    • Fixed a bug which caused negative numbers and amounts not to sort correctly;
    • In the process of fixing above bug, reduced filesize to 9.4kb, down from 10.2kb;
  • (26-jan-2007):
    • Fixed a bug with multiple dots and comma’s in numbers, causing millions for instance to not be sorted correctly;
  • (08-jan-2007):
    • Fixed a bug where the script would try to sort as numeric when there’s only a single dash in the line. (thanks to Tobias Gruetzmacher);
    • Made sure the script correctly sorts numbers as 9.9999997E-20, 1.0000000E-10 and 9.9999997E-06 or 1.0997E+06, etc. (thanks to João Costa);
  • (02-jan-2007):
    • Fixed the script to work in Safari;
  • (15-nov-2006):
    • The script now correctly recognizes thead and tfoot table rows, and will not sort them;
    • If you have multiple rows in your thead, it will make the last row sort the table;
    • This also allows for multiple rows in your tfoot which won’t be sorted, so that’s an alternate to class="sortbottom";
    • If you have no thead or tfoot, your header row will still sort, and class="sortbottom" will still work.
  • (11-nov-2006):
    • Fixed currency sorting for empty currency fields, fix by Marcus Wallin.
  • (10-nov-2006):
    • Reworked the date ordering into a function as suggested by Brian, which reduced the size of the script to 9.9 kb;
    • Added a preference for the alternating row classes, allowing you to disable them;
    • Made the content matching start on the second row, so it would always skip headers, even if they’re not clearly marked as such;
    • The previous fix also fixed the trouble in month filtering;
    • Fixed bug which caused even and odd classes to be duplicated multiple times;
    • Fixed date sorting when a cell in the column was empty.
  • (08-nov-2006):

    Three bugfixes provided by Marcus Wallin:

    • the sort arrows had been swapped, swapped them back;
    • the alternating color loop had a bug where it started at 1 instead of 0;
    • added a missing else statement on line 362.
  • Version 1.2.1 (06-nov-2006):
    • fixed a bug where sorting would go wrong when there was an empty cell in the first row of a column;
  • Version 1.2 (05-nov-2006):
    • an option to write the month as a 3 letter string, so dd-mmm-yyyy (05-nov-2006);
    • a preference for European (dd-mm-yyyy) or American (mm-dd-yyyy) date sorting (14-oct-2006, with a huge bugfix on 05-nov-2006);
  • Version 1:
    • alternating row classes;
    • the possibility to make a column unsortable by giving it the class unsortable;
    • default sort icons, showing on all headings of sortable rows;
    • added some currencies to, for instance allow for sorting of € amounts;
    • allowed dateformat next to dd-mm-yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy.

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