Annoyances and weird stuff

So somebody copied virtually all the code from my robots meta plugin, put it in a “Platinum SEO” plugin, and conveniently forgot to attribute the code to me… The GPL isn’t that hard to deal with, but somehow, people manage to fuck even that up. I’ve emailed them and posted a formal complaint to the wp-hackers mailing list, asking for the removal of the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory until the code is properly attributed. Don’t people get that doing stuff like that can get you in court? It’s plain copyright violation… If a reader here happens to be a good copyright lawyer and wants to play, let me know :)

Another nice thing a friend pointed me at today is that if you’re sending out email, at all, and you host or register your domains through GoDaddy, you might be in for some pain. Apparently, they can take your domain hostage if someone files a spam complaint… GoDaddy never had the best reputation, but this is another reason to urge you to switch away from them.

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20 Responses

  1. RichardBy Richard on 27 June, 2008

    Hi Joost,

    Your self link in this post is missing the “http://”
    should be:

    Funny, in the source I see the class for that link is set to “broken_link” ;)

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 27 June, 2008

    Fixed, thx Richard! The class is caused by my broken links checker :)

  3. JoeBy Joe on 27 June, 2008

    Who would you recommend instead of godaddy? I have hundreds of domains with them….and it seems I now need to move them all…


  4. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 27 June, 2008

    Don’t know, I have a friend here in Holland who deals with all my domains for me, as well as all the DNS and e-mail issues attached to it, so I’m kind of lazy in that department :)

  5. George DonnellyBy George Donnelly on 28 June, 2008

    Sorry to hear that.

    Some good registrars I have dealt with problem-free for years:

  6. jardelBy jardel on 28 June, 2008

    one thing that is really urgent in your plugin is an update about permissions, i’ve been using it, but my blog is open for registrations and all new registrations are set by default to contributor, they could freely go to options and change the plugin options, including my robots.txt and .htaccess information

    HUGE HUGE security issue, i suggest a super fast update. I’ve disabled it in the meantime

  7. Roel WillemsBy Roel Willems on 28 June, 2008

    @ Jardel: You could reconfigure the rights assigned to your contributors (I can recommend the Role Manager-plugin for the job).

    @ Joost de Valk, I can understand your annoyances.. I had the same with some of my writings ( free to use within a creative commons license). For your hosting issue i can recommend Easy-cgi and the dutch leaseweb. At leaseweb we stored our bigger websites and couldn’t be more happier about speed, support e.d. (no affiliation or stocks on both ;-) ).

  8. Robert IrizarryBy Robert Irizarry on 28 June, 2008

    When I first came across it a couple of days ago, I found it more than a bit interesting that this “new plugin” somehow incorporated all the Robots Meta goodness I’ve come to appreciate. Now I understand why.

    Good luck to you in straightening this out. I’m sure many of us are interested in reading how this all pans out.

  9. Brian WeaverBy Brian Weaver on 28 June, 2008

    You know, I heard about GoDaddy doing this a few months ago an yet I continue to use them. I had read a document in my learning SEO which recommended a couple other registrars and now I can’t remember them. I beleive they were around the same price as Godaddy, but without having to deal with this issue.

  10. Virtual ImpaxBy Virtual Impax on 28 June, 2008

    GoDaddy’s been pulling this stunt ever since Bob Parson’s attempt at taking GoDaddy public failed due to the intense (accounting) scrutiny which is part of the IPO process. The fees GoDaddy is charging have changed over time, but the practice remains.

    I use Godaddy to pick up domain names on the cheap. However, I transfer them to another registrar when I “activate” them and begin using them. As for their other offerings… anyone who’s using their hosting is suffering in their own personal hosting hell.

  11. MattBy Matt on 28 June, 2008

    That is unfortunate to hear about your meta tags plug-in, which is great. Hopefully the thief will give credit for your work.

    I’m not too surprised by the news about GoDaddy. I left them years ago for Namecheap, primarily due to the terrible account control panel (from a user experience viewpoint) and the barrage of ads they throw at you while doing something as simple as registering a domain.

  12. Atlanta IdiotBy Atlanta Idiot on 28 June, 2008

    I have nearly a hundred domains reg’d through, and have had serious problems with competitors alledging “spam”. I’ve fought all of them off successfully, but geez…it was kinda hard. :-) Who do you guys recommend?

  13. ronBy ron on 28 June, 2008 is fine for registrar and hosting

  14. RebeccaBy Rebecca on 29 June, 2008

    It’s really upsetting to learn about the godaddy email spam thing so now the question is – who to use? I saw that someone recommended Gandi – and I just wanted to comment that we used them and they had really terrible customer service. By the time we got a real person on the phone – it was at least a week and even then, it was very difficult to work and communicate with them. Maybe they’ve improved by now, but I wouldn’t know

  15. GerryBy Gerry on 29 June, 2008

    it seems that nobody takes care about copiright today

  16. jardelBy jardel on 29 June, 2008

    Roel Willems, the plugin didn’t resolved the problem, users still can see the plugin and edit it.

  17. MikaelBy Mikael on 2 July, 2008

    It isn’t just GoDaddy that will play that trick on you. So will HostGator. I had an experience with a automated niche domain where the content were taken for article sites. Someone filed a complaint about some of the articles used and all domains, emails etc. were closed ontil the matter was resolved. Now that is a bitch! :)


  18. EdBy Ed on 3 July, 2008

    Utter nonsense, they’re are the worst of the worst, seriously just search for 1 and 1 sucks or something like that, do a search on to see all the drama stories on 1 and 1.

    If you want a rock solid registrar that doesn’t cave for any legal bullshit claims and let you work it out on your own, that is if you’re not involved with completely illegal practices then is you’re registrar. Regular disputes is something they let you work out on your own, they don’t cave for frivolous request from silly lawyers that work with silly people.

    They’re top notch professionals and have a top notch domain management system, easy transfer and push system and much more. and should be on every professionals blacklist.

  19. MelvinBy Melvin on 4 July, 2008

    Really sad to hear that… i dont use godaddy either. i had a bad experience from them last year…

  20. Raleigh SEO ExpertBy Raleigh SEO Expert on 6 November, 2009

    I’ve heard really bad things about and I don’t really use them. I really like and so far it has been a great experience.

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