Announcing a Yoast redesign

As I announced in our previous post on the evolution of Yoast avatars, we’re working on a redesign. In fact… The HTML and CSS are mostly done, but we’ll take quite a bit more time to work on it. Over the summer we’ll make a WordPress theme out of it and make sure that all the content is presented in the best possible way when we launch in September. We can’t keep our mouth shut that long though, we’re just to used to being open, so we want to give you a sneak peek.

Today at YoastCon, Erwin and I unveiled this redesign. As we don’t expect all of you are following the livestream all the time, this short post gives you two screenshots of what is admittedly a work in progress (click for larger versions):

New illustrations

The most obvious change is the removal of the avatar header images. As Yoast has so many more people than just Joost now, we thought it’d be better to remove those. The new illustrations feature a group of people that work together to move forward. Erwin has made these in Cinema4D, allowing us to render new views all the time.

Erwin also made a “goodbye” avatar and recorded the process:

No sidebar

You can’t see it in these two screenshots yet, but the new design has no sidebar. Nowhere. We sometimes use the space on the right for asides, but nothing else. This page layout makes it far easier to make the page fully responsive, which it of course will be.

New design, new sections

In the design, there’s an obvious new feature: Yoast Academy. In Yoast Academy we’ll bundle our knowledge, so it will feature our eBooks and posts. In September we’ll also add another eBook as well as courses that we’re currently developing. What is “WordPress” in the current design is “Software” in the new design. We’re getting ready to roll out Yoast SEO to more platforms and this design is ready for that change too.

You’ll have to wait a bit

You’ll have to wait a few months for all of this to be ready. Over the course of the summer we’ll work on it, to launch September 14th. Our new logo will show up in more places already though, most notably our social profiles.

Your opinion is appreciated in the comments below, but please keep it civil.

28 Responses to Announcing a Yoast redesign

  1. Anton
    By Anton on 5 June, 2015

    Don’t like the redesign at all, if it wasn’t for the flat image banners (which is somewhat modern), it looks like a colourful, table, tr, td-based site from 1999.

    Call to actions also look like they come out of 1999.
    Sorry, but great SEO software.

    I might start to like it if it’s got that soft feel to it when browsing. But for now, it’s hard and looks super old.

  2. Dave Loodts
    By Dave Loodts on 5 June, 2015

    I agree with Leon. Imaginging i’m a new visitor which never went to the website before; god knows where to click and what to expect. The lines and circles are too much IMHP. Also, where do YOU want visitors to click; it’s not that clear to.
    Last thing; The recent posts (blog) on the homepage is now stucked in the dungeons of the footer. Too bad as your posts are high quality articles; don’t hide them.

    I’m curious about the results and heatmaps. I’ll bet your good friend Karl can help you out; with a free Belgian joke on top.

  3. Leon Ridge-Cooke
    By Leon Ridge-Cooke on 5 June, 2015

    I love the illustrations but I’m not sure I like the designs. Way too many lines/borders and those text shadows…

  4. HunterGatherer
    By HunterGatherer on 5 June, 2015

    I, too, appreciate the direction of moving to full width, no sidebars, primarily to adapt to the mobilization of web content. But, I’m wondering if you’ve done landing page and/or conversion optimization testing on your current design, no sidebar vs. with sidebar? If so, what did you find. We’re all looking at sites that are switching to full page format and wondering if the conversion funnel will hold up; and/or, if the added usability for mobile platforms makes up for any losses.



  5. David Friedman
    By David Friedman on 4 June, 2015

    Sorry to say but I’m not a big fan of the new design at all. It looks very archaic with all of the borders around everything. I also don’t like how your blog posts are not featured front and center like on the current home page.

    I love your plugin and you have a great company but wanted to voice my honest opinion about the design.

  6. Marita
    By Marita on 4 June, 2015

    Gorgeous design! Great color scheme! Light, modern and easy to see what’s going on. Are you guys for hire? I’m serious, I’m in the market for a better design.

  7. Rick
    By Rick on 4 June, 2015

    Hmm I’m not sure I like the new design just yet. These simple one border columns without background are not entirely my style.. Also your current homepage looks attractive and very cozy to me. It will take some time getting used to the new design, but I’m sure in the end it will be worth it :)

  8. Sebastian Krausing
    By Sebastian Krausing on 4 June, 2015

    It looks awesome and I am looking forward to see it in action :-) still I will mess the old avatars ;-)

  9. Sujeet
    By Sujeet on 4 June, 2015

    Very bold decision getting rid of the sidebars! I’ve been toying with the same idea for awhile now, but that’s where our above-the-fold 300×250 ad lives, and I haven’t come up with a good alternative option yet…

  10. Bnpositive
    By Bnpositive on 4 June, 2015

    Change is good, but I am going to miss the avatars!

  11. John Pawson
    By John Pawson on 4 June, 2015

    Like the new designs… as an aside, you should definitely do breakfast briefings webinars and call them Yoast on Toast. Bite-sized chunks each based on a specific idea to optimise your site. Just a thought!

  12. Mike
    By Mike on 3 June, 2015

    It looks completely unlike the trends going on right now, and I like it. I am curious, if these are to scale it looks like the content area is around 660px? Is that the plan? I have been thinking lately about this, and with mobile gaining on desktop viewing, less wide seems better. A narrower content area seems to create less elements folding when responsive, especially sidebars which can add 4 or 5 blocks on a phone after pushing down.

  13. Tech Guru
    By Tech Guru on 2 June, 2015

    Design looks Good better then before Good Keep i up

  14. Rahul
    By Rahul on 2 June, 2015

    Wow its looks awesome congrats. Perfect

  15. wendell
    By wendell on 1 June, 2015

    very good congratulations

  16. Joseph Ho
    By Joseph Ho on 1 June, 2015

    The design are nice! I really like it.

  17. Jus
    By Jus on 1 June, 2015

    I have a slightly different opinion to the others that have commented, I’m not sure I like the design. Though I’m sure my opinion would change after seeing it live and implemented. It’s probably because it goes against the design patterns that we are generally seeing at the moment and I’m not afraid to admit I’m one of those people who is afraid of change until they actually get used to it and then it’s suddenly wonderful.

    I look forward to seeing the design in place and seeing how it looks.

    • Mitch
      By Mitch on 5 June, 2015

      I have to agree with you also, initial reaction to the design was mediocre at best, but hey thats just me i feel it has too many “lines” and almost is difficult to tell things apart when glancing. My 2 cents

  18. Nigel Abery
    By Nigel Abery on 31 May, 2015

    Wow, the new design looks great Yoast! I am also in the process of re-designing my site but probably not as radically as you guys are doing. Looking forward to it.

  19. Claudiu
    By Claudiu on 28 May, 2015

    hello joost. What font did you choose for body copy ? Body copy of posts for example

    • Claudiu
      By Claudiu on 28 May, 2015

      Also, is the new design built over genesis too ? :)

  20. Michael
    By Michael on 28 May, 2015

    Hi Joost,
    Well done – the planned changes look great. Just wondering – are you going to use the genesis platform for your new theme?
    All the best, Mike

  21. Nile
    By Nile on 28 May, 2015

    I love the redesign. It’s very colorful and you know me, I love color!

    Oh, and finally, someone puts the arrows in their design in the correct direction. I say that because I keep seeing them facing in the wrong direction on other people’s websites, rather than pointing where the visitor should go. Why this keeps happening on other websites… who knows? LOL

    I look forward to seeing the design live in the near future. :D

    • Lisa
      By Lisa on 29 May, 2015

      Yes, I think it’s great how the angle down arrows go with the polygonal shapes of Erwin’s new designs.

      I think this ties them in the design concept and makes it seem natural for the reader to follow the flow downward.

      On some website designs, this would not fit or feel quite right.

  22. Natan
    By Natan on 27 May, 2015


  23. Ratchaphol
    By Ratchaphol on 27 May, 2015

    Look very innovative (also furistic) These days my though change a lot, i used to stick to what people usually do instead of being different. But now i always look for the way to be different, and this renovation must be something unique and outstanding i believe! :) Can’t wait to see!

  24. Ankila Bhardwaj
    By Ankila Bhardwaj on 27 May, 2015

    Avatar header images is the things striking my mind distinctly.
    anyways, You always come up with things that are amazing :D

  25. Yohay
    By Yohay on 27 May, 2015

    Getting rid of the sidebar is a very bold move and I wish I could do it myself. I’m not that brave and I’ll wait to see how your site turns up :)

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