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Let me be honest: I’m asking for your money :) There are ad spots free here on, and I’d like to fill them. Due to a strange combination of circumstances, I’ve got a couple of ad spots free here at at the moment, something I’m not very used to anymore.

Let me first explain why there are so many ad spots free all of a sudden: we ditched two advertisers because they were advertising things I couldn’t agree with. I have no trouble with advertising things I don’t use myself here, they’re not my ads, but I do have an issue with advertising things I’m actively against, so we bumped those out.

A while back, we also ditched some advertisers that were advertising themes that are not GPL. I don’t want to get into a discussion about this, but I prefer advertisements for companies that either do stick to the GPL, or don’t advertise WordPress related things.

Anyway, as you can see, the ad spots are available. There’s no doubt in my mind that BuySellAds will fill them up over time, but I thought I’d help them a bit. You can go here to buy an ad. In case you’re not convinced why you should advertise, see what Ryan Kelly, the CEO of Pear Analytics, one of our current advertisers has to say, who advertise their free site analysis tool:

“Out of the handful of ads we’re running on SEO-related websites, Yoast is converting at a whopping 92% on average, compared to other ads that range in the 20-40% range. It won’t be moving anytime soon.”

So, if you’ve got something you’d like to advertise, go buy that ad and support my effort of spending more time and money on this site. runs on the Genesis Framework

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3 Responses

  1. KenBy Ken on 27 August, 2010

    Well .. those spots filled up quick.

    • YuiBy Yui on 28 August, 2010

      Yeah, that was fast.. What I love about BSA is that the ads don’t seem spammy and fake like google ads look. Custom Rates, custom spots, you choose :)

  2. Abhijit V. ChaoreBy Abhijit V. Chaore on 22 September, 2010

    Ok Joost…I see only SEO and web related ads over there. Would you be showing the ads from other domains for example – Real Estate or Buy Cars or Buy Movie Tickets – which are not relevant to your subject? I understand they may not convert a good deal. Still they can fetch the traffic. What say?