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I guess we all expected it to be coming one day or the other, CPA AdSense, CPA meaning Cost per Action. SeekingAlpha reports they were invited to test this. When you look at it, this is affiliate marketing…

I found this rather intriguing:

How can I promote the CPA ad unit?
Since this is a test and these CPA ads are not regular ad units, we are giving you more flexibility in saying things like “I recommend this product” or “Try JetBlue today” next to the CPA ad unit. However, you should still not incite someone to click on the ad, so saying “Click Here” is not ok.

SeekingAlpha suggests that, if this goes live, this might kill a few of the affiliate companies out there, such as ClickValue. The biggest opportunity I see, is that Google wil automatically try to put the best converting ads for your site on there, so you won’t have to go through lots of affiliate marketing deals yourself…

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2 Responses

  1. Secret Affiliate CodeBy Secret Affiliate Code on 2 June, 2008

    Well, it is here now.. And, I have not heard any complaints about this either. So, I think, it is here to stay too. I believe google is right to have the policy to NOT allow the user to tell the reader to click on an ad though.

  2. acnecare77By acnecare77 on 26 September, 2009

    i am trying Affiliate Marketing now aside from blog monetizing. So far, i have signed up with Amazon and Clickbank.