Information about the Basic SEO Training

In our Basic SEO Course we address all topics regarding holistic SEO. We propose an extensive strategy that focusses on all aspects of website optimization. At Yoast, it’s our strong belief that only the joint effort of all these different aspects of holistic SEO will keep you ranking high in the long run!

Goal of the Basic SEO Course:

“To provide our students with a complete overview of all the different aspects of holistic SEO”

Providing an overview is especially important. Lots of information about SEO is available on the internet, but it’s splintered across different platforms and blogs. Also, there’s a huge amount polluted information regarding the topic of SEO. By providing our students with solid advice about SEO’s best practices, they’ll be able to search through the internet and filter out the right information needed to optimize their site to the fullest. The Basic SEO Course provides its students with the grip they need to practice SEO in a holistic manner.

Topics covered in the Basic SEO Course:

  • Understanding of a search engine;
  • Keyword research;
  • Site structure;
  • Crawlability and findability;
  • Site speed;
  • Content writing;
  • Usability and User eXperience (UX);
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Rules of the game:

  • You can only take this course by following the arranged order. This means you have to fully complete a lesson in order to unlock the next one
  • You can only complete a lesson by taking its assigned quiz and score a 100 % passing grade
  • If you didn’t score a 100 % passing grade on a quiz, you have to re-take the quiz until you do get this 100 % score. Remember, always strive for perfection ;-)

After you’ve finished the Basic SEO course, you will receive the Yoast Basic SEO Certificate.