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I’ve loved drawing since I was a little kid, and after graduating as a Master of Arts in 2011 I managed to turn my passion into my profession. My other passion is video games, and I combined the two by producing art for a number of mobile and computer games.

At first I did this for game studios, then I went freelance in 2013 under the name Hedgefield. I continued making game art on demand as well as working on my own projects, including a webcomic and several narrative-driven games, which I wrote, designed, coded and produced myself.

After several years in the games business, I longed back to making pure illustrations, things that didn’t need to be sliced up in layers for animation or compositing purposes. And with web design being another interest of mine, working at Yoast seemed like a no-brainer. I draw headers for blog posts and eBooks, and accommodate any other illustration-related needs within the company together with Erwin and Mijke.

My free time I mostly spend with my lovely girlfriend, who’s also an illustrator.

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